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10 Reasons Caching Is Better Than Golf

Simply Paul
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1) A GPSr is a lot cheaper than a set of golf clubs.

2) You are free to hold your handset any dadgum way you want to.

3) Caching ladies who used to be page-3 models are made very welcome.

4) Your handicap isn't made light-of by other, more able cachers.

5) No one will tell you off for dressing in shorts and 'the wrong sort of shoes' to cache.

6) There are no Green Fees for random bits of woodland.

7) You are unlikely to be knocked out by a stray golfball while caching.

8) The only 'Tee' you have to worry about comes in a flask.

9) You do not need to clean your balls while out caching.

10) With luck almost anyone can get a 'prize' while caching. You have to be very good at golf to get one.



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10 reasons why Golf is LIKE Geocaching...


1) The worse you are at it, the more goes you get.

2) The majority of people who take part, don't understand the rules.

3) You sometimes get a free drop.

4) A lot of time is spent searching for something that should be there, you just can't find it.

5) There are rabbits all over the place.

6) A lot of drinking and lying is involved, afterwards.

7) Midges.

8) Nettles.

9) Tim Brooke-Taylor.

10) Meaningless lists...



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Unlike golf you don't end up with a golf widow as more often than not the other partner ends up joining in. It's not boring and in our case Mr Geoki may well have started this hobby first but he's convinced that i'm more competitve about it than him. In fact I think he would prefer a weekend where I don't drag him off with the family to find yet another tupperware box. :D In hind sight he should have maybe taken up golf!! :P

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Mornington Crescent....

WOOoooooooh! Easy tiger, I'd made the assumption, fair I think, that as this is taking place on the Geocaching forum, that we were playing under the Groundspeak (Geocaching (GPS)) simplified version of the Central Stanard rules?


In which case, that move simply IS NOT POSSIBLE.


However, if I was misguided, and we were playing under Stovold’s 2nd Amendment to the Standard Convention (1972) (though why we should be HERE I do not know), then fair play, well done Alex.

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Belter of a forum post Simply Paul :D


I got a right good laugh at the original post and most of the replies...being an ex-golfer myself it made it even more appropriate :P


Just one point ... a good many caches I have been involved with have been very close to Golf courses... and I have had more than a few narrow escapes from errant golf balls...in fact just last week in Perth I was throwing back golf balls to players who were very appreciative :D



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