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What Has Happened To Geocacheuk

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Does anybody know what has happened to the Geocache UK site as it has been unavailable for a few days now?


I know they were having problems with there Stats pages etc and were looking at moving servers but I didn't notice any announcements about the being down for a while.


Many Thanks



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<<If you try .org instead of .com - it should work. >>


But that brings up a front page which is 5 months out of date and still has Mark's email address for contacts!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark had his site set up how he wanted. I am still trying to figure out he had it all configured. .com .org and .net are all on different servers (I think)


I changed the .com page but that server is closed and until Ian can get it pointing to another server I am struggling

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If you try .org instead of .com - it should work.

Looks like there has been a change in registration of the Domain Name geocacheuk.com


The record was updated on 30/10/04 and is now in teasel's hands


geocacacheuk.org is still registered to Mark Thompson and is active until 6 May 2005

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Yes . Should clear soon (I hope) Ian has posted more info Here.


I have changed (as best as I can) the page on .org and .net. But they are written using blocks and think one of the blocks is missing. I cant get access to the .com server to copy the missing block across. Looks like I may have to write a new page. But I will wait till Ian gets back first.


sorry for any inconvenience



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I've changed the DNS over to the new server, which might cure things, but I may have to do some fiddling once I get back from holiday.


Ever since Mark died, getting control of geocacheuk.com domain has been a real headache and a bit of a worry. But the domain transfer finally happened a couple of days ago. :D However it looks like the old web hosting account has now been terminated, hence the problems.


But we're now down to just 2 web servers (from 7 at one point!), so we're getting there!




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