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Must Do Pittsburgh Caches?

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Polly Takes the Plunge by Quest Master is one of my favorites, definetly involves lots of interesting....well, fun. HEEEEHEEEEE!




The upper Yough Trek is just over the Maryland border, its a hell of a challenge if you are looking for that sort of adventure, definetly the hardest hike i ever did.

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See this recent thread where we helped another visitor to Pittsburgh. The same recommendations apply since you'll be on the same (east) side of the city.


The caches closest to Levelgreen are A day at the Beech by Team Willow and The Snake Pit by Nellsnake. This is convenient, since in the other thread I noted that these were two of the best cache hiders in the east suburbs. Start your proximity search from one of these caches. To the northwest is Boyce Park with lots of caches. To the east and southeast is Quest Master territory. To the southwest is Drossdross territory. You cannot go wrong with any cache placed by these owners.

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Going through the search results from that center point, here are two other "must do" caches in addition to the previous general hider recommendations:


Heart Attack at Sunrise

Grand Theft Auto


It would help to know if you are traveling anywhere during your stay, and what type of experience you want out of an afternoon or a weekend of geocaching. For example, if you wanted to come into Pittsburgh for a "numbers run", I'd send you to Frick Park, Schenley Park and Highland Park. If you had a full day and just wanted to do two or three outstanding hikes, I'd send you down to State Gamelands 51 or to the Uniontown area, as these are the areas of concentration for Quest Master's caches. If you had business downtown, I would tout my four micros strategically placed at the top tourist places.

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Grand Theft Auto was alot of fun to do and a pretty area to wander. The Dravosburg Orange cache was nice as well. I really enjoyed the one across from the Waterfront area called Nested High in the Hollow (GCH7ZR). It is a nice walk with an easy find along a pretty stretch of river. I ended up taking family and friends/coworkers caching several times and we all had fun finding the caches.

Trust the Leprechaun!


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Thanks for all the inputs. To answer the Leprechaun's question, I'll be caching with my 4 & 6 year old and probably some other family. I won't be on a numbers hunt, nor will I be looking for a really long hike (the kids can handle a mile or so before they start whining). I guess mostly I'm looking for scenery with a 'treasure' (or pot o' gold) at the end. Honestly, I guess it doesn't matter witch ones I go to. I just didn't want to miss any "must do" caches. Thanks again.

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