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Geocache At Police Hq


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How to you look inconspicuous creeping around in the weeds with an electronic device only a few feet from LEO's front door?


In contrast to the recent and ongoing geocaching bomb-squad incidents, the cops are in on it: GCKY0A


I was a bit nervous though at leaving my name and address for a "monthly drawing." :lostsignal: I did anyway so we'll see what happens.



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You would be amazed that how many of us that are involved in law enforcement embrace, support and promote the hobby :lostsignal: There are also many firefighters that share our love of the hobby. That looks to be a fun cache. I wish that our office was suitable for the hiding of a traditional cache but the station that I work out of is in a very urban area, although the areas where I work are rural (yes, I have caches hidden there). Geocaches like the one you mentioned will help bridge the gap between law enforcement and geocachers :unsure:

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