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New 24 Hour Record Set In Jax Fl

Isonzo Karst
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From Zatoichi's post on the NEFGA (Northeast Florida Geocaching Association) site:


New post Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2004 2:33 pm Post subject: Re: 24-hour Cache Record Reply with quote First and foremost, I want to thank all those people who encouraged Dan, Dave & I to attempt this crazy record. If our friends & families did not support us, our goal would never have been achieved. Thank you.


I am proud to announce that the 24-hour cache record has fallen. The new ante now stands at 246 caches. 'Team Rebellion', consisting of CaptDC52 (Dan), Luke 11.9 (Dave) and Zatoichi (Chris) went to Jacksonville early on Sunday, October 24th, 2004. 24 hours later... tired, dirty, wet, smelly, bleeding... the record had fallen. BTW... the three of us have known each other for over 12 years. We are all career firefighters with Marion County Fire-Rescue, Florida.




These guys had no Jax assistance, no guide, no driver, just came up from central Florida and did it. Expect this record to fall yet again around the GeoWoodstock III to be held in Jax this May


Congratulations to Team Rebellion!

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Congratulations to Team Rebellion from your fellow cachers in Ocala, FL!! What a great feat!! Hope your record stands for at least a little while. Sounds like you may have some competition at GeoWoodstock III. It was exciting hearing about your travels along the way. Great job guys!!!!


Gantry69, Cocacola1820 and M&M Girl

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In ref to how the team operated... We used one vehicle. Three people. The 500 foot rule was in effect, so we could not split up. It would have wasted more time than it would have saved. There were so many drive-up caches that we were rarely greater than 100 feet from the car. There were a couple of exceptions, but not the rule. We were moving so fast that splitting up was never considered. Besides, in the absence of hard & fast rules on how to do this, we had to stick with what we called the 'spirit' of caching. Splitting up would have been un-ethical.


Interesting stats and facts:




TOTAL DNF's... 56






DISTANCE BETWEEN CACHES (ALL)... average .746 miles


AVERAGE FINDS PER HOUR... 10.25 caches




AVERAGE TIME PER FIND... 1 cache every 5 minutes and 51 seconds


AVERAGE CACHE TIME ALL... 1 every 4 minutes and 46 seconds






LONGEST BREAK... 18 minutes


Thanks, everyone, for your interest. If you want details on our records, copies or pictures or whatever, just e-mail and ask.


From 'Team Rebellion' (CaptDC52, Luke 11.9 & Zatoichi) see ya on the trails...

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It's all about the preparation, plain and simple! when we did our 144 in 15 hrs we were still ready to do more but had only planned on doing 100, so 44 or so were a last minute add on.


But if anyone can do it I think firefighters can, we're used to working long hard hours! I'm already planning another big number trip, but unfortunately the density out here won't let me get any numbers that high. I've done too many caches in too many area and there isn't many virgin areas left.



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