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It should run GPX Sonar okay. If you can get an Compact Flash Expansion Jacket (Pick them up on Ebay for around £20). you can load MemoryMap onto a CF card and connect it to your Etrek via a cable (Also available on Ebay) and your away. Paperless caching and your location on electronic OS mapping. :blink:

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I'm using an iPAQ 2210, albeit with 64M memory....and load Memory Map and maps onto an SD card...no probs.

Got a cable and use Geko (same connection as etrex). cable was about £15, with a charger for ipaq...can't remember where from though...ordered online...do a google search.


sorry I cant be of more help...it's been a looooooooong day!!!

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Had the day off work, so popped out to do a few caches this afternoon.


First stop, the cache had been muggled....lying in the middle of a car park, canister smashed.


Second stop....co-ords spot on, but area previously occupied (presumably) by cache now a caterpillar track intersection.

Sat down on a bench to log on via iPAQ / bluetooth / mobile, and checked previous logs. Someone got this one 3 days ago, found the cache out in the open, moved it, AND posted the new co-ords.


ANY useable technology can be a marvellous thing, and saved me a return trip. :mad:

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I use a HP 2210 with a compact flash GPS unit. I can load maps from the Memory Map software I have onto the SD card along with spoiler pics (if needed :( ) I have had no problems at all using the equipment and the GPS doesn't appear to use too much battery power. The company I bought it all from recommended a blue tooth GPS unit as it doesn't use the Ipaqs battery, but I thought I would probably lose it!! :lol::( . I also use the same set up with TomTom running for Sat-Nav.

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hi its me again can we have a list of all ipaq hand helds that are used and if they can be used with etrex yellow, as im limited for cash and the cheapest 2210 ive seen is £130


bountyhunter1 ;)

That's DIRT cheap! Get it. I paid £230 for mine a few months ago. You'll not get one much cheaper.


The cable to connect it to your eTrex will cost you the best part of £20, maybe more if you get one that will power it from the car as well.


It will work with the 2210, but it won't work with the 1910 (I know this because I have a 1910 that I need to sell as it wouldn't work with the GPS - hence why I replaced it with the 2210).

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i was looking for something for under a ton second hand, it doesnt have to be able to run maps with the etrex attached maybe just cache sheets but if it could run maps with the gps attached that would be great. just looking for as many different typs of handhand that do what i want it to do


bountyhunter1 (tight a*se) :o

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If you are just after something that will load web pages and give you a GPS position, you could try a "smartphone". Orange do the SPV E200 and the C500 and I'm sure other service providers offer similar products. A friend of mine was using his SPV E200 with a bluetooth GPS unit to run TomTom as sat-nav in his car. I often use my SPV E200 to access web pages (that I forgot to look at back at home :) ) whilst out caching. I believe the latest C500 has compatibility issues with TomTom or the GPS units, but "they" are working on it.


I'm not sure exactly what smartphones and GPS units are capable of, but if your phone is due for an upgrade soon, you might be able to get one quite cheap. I've just upgraded from the SPV E200 to the C500 for free - you can't get much cheaper than that! :DB)


Best of luck with your search. The best thing you can do is decide exactly what you want to be able to do and then go out and look at whats available to suit YOUR needs. (By the way £130 for an Ipaq 2210 is a BARGAIN, I paid £222 about 5 months ago!!!)

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