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Automatic Renewal


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Can someone expain or refer me to an explanation of why my membership was just automatically renewed? I recieved an email from PayPal confirming that I "sent $30.00 to Groundspeak as a subscription payment."


I don't ever remember setting up a recurring payment option.

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Well, based on this thread, I think originally Paypal subscriptions were auto renewing. They only recently added the option of a single year Paypal payment.


Jeremy's post from 5 January 2003:


Yes. We'll let you know. We started memberships in March of last year. I hope that by March this year we'll have some additional services that will make memberships even more worthwhile.


There is now an option to do a nonrenewable subscription, so some people's subscriptions will expire after a certain point. We will most likely be raising our subscriptions in March/April except for those who have been grandfathered in through the renewable plan.


Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location


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