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What is the best GPS PC software?


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could reccomend some free or cheap (<AU $100) apps (Win98/WinXP Pro) for use with a Magellan Sportrack GPS? I've used Expert GPS but found it too bloated and expensive for my needs, EasyGPS is OK but I can't save the loc files as text files for editing on my PC. I want to be able to plot routes on maps, calibrate a scanned map, download waypoints from my GPS and print the maps or portions of them. Also save the waypoints as a text file. Does the map send cd have this sort of software? Does it have topographic maps (1:150 000 or 1:25 000) or can you buy CDs of maps? Thanks for your help in advance icon_wink.gif

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In the cheap area, ExpertGPS is great. For more $$$, National Geographic TOPO is also great. I use both, and I am quite pleased. I have tried all of the free/trial versions, and I keep ending up with these two.


Good luck on your choice.


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No contest there, the best GPS software for the PC, or pretty much whatever OS you use, is GPSbabel, what else can write/read so many things, AND do those nice filters. It'll talk to your gpsr also. You can read about/get it here: GPSBabel


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