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Can I Use A Laptop With My Legend?

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Do I need anything to use a laptop with my legend?



Your Legend should have came with a cable. Mine uses a com port, but some may be USB, I don't know.


You'll also need some software. I use Garmin Maps. I also use Delorme's TOPO USA. Both will upload waypoints from and to your GPSr. EZ GPS is a fine piece of software available from the Geocaching.com site. It's really handy to use with Pocket Queries (available to Premium Members).


There's more stuff available, I'm sure that others will offer more answers to your question.


Have fun,



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Do I need anything to use a laptop with my legend?

Oh, yes. And it's cooler than mortal man can bear.


But, yes, you'll need Mapsource or Fugawi or some other program that connects the two. And, frankly, every program I've tried isn't quite ready for prime time. I reckon because consumer GPS is only four years old.


You didn't really want to make that mortgage payment, did you?

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So I should also get mapsource software, the basic map that is in the gps is not enough?

Mapsource certainly makes mapping more useful. THe base maps only have major roads. Mapsource is much more detailed. Whether you go with Topo, or City Select (or its close cousing MetroGuide) depends on what you will be using it for mostly.


If you're largely going to be using your GPS for travel and around cities, get MetroGuide or City Select. If you plan to use your GPS mostly for geocaching in the woods, hiking, hunting and other outdoor pursuits, Mapsource Topo is you best choice.


This being said, you don't NEED Mapsource maps, but they sure make your GPS a lot more useful. The only thing you really need is something like EasyGPS. It works nicely and its free.

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So I should also get mapsource software, the basic map that is in the gps is not enough?

Yes...No...Maybe... I'll try to explain.


You don't really need any extra software to geocache. You can go to each cache page, enter the coordinates into your GPS manually, and off you go.


But manually entering coordinates for ten or more caches, repeatedly, is a pain. And very time-consuming. So the next-simplest method is to download .loc files from Geocaching.com to your computer hard drive and use EasyGPS or other freeware utility to transfer the data to the GPS. Only takes a few seconds, and it's a breeze.


Now the more complicated (and more expensive) stuff. If you want to load more detailed maps onto your GPS, it has to be Garmin MapSource products. This allows you to see topo lines when you're in the field without lugging around a seperate computer.


If you want to use topo maps on your computer you have several choices. The Garmin MapSource products can be used on your computer. However, the topo lines are rather crude compared to actual USGS topographic quads. So something like Delorme Topo USA is much better for printing maps or using on the laptop. However, Topo USA still isn't the real topo quads, although it's detailed enough for anything I do. If you want exact duplicates of USGS topo quads, there are nice software titles for that including the Delorme, National Geographic, and All Topo Maps state sets.


Prices: The Garmin MapSource Topo maps are under $100 for the entire country. The Delorme TopoUSA is also under $100 for the entire US. The detailed quad maps are about $100 per state, regardless of brand.


Hope this helps you make the right product choices!

Best Wishes,


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