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I am new at this Sport, and have enjoyed every minute of it. This may sound like a silly question, but wanted more info. before I try.


"Is there any Guidelines on Naming Caches."


I know the obvious names That would be inappropriate and I would Never do that.


I made several puchaces Today and have a Great chace I want to place in an area I have found.(read the quidelines for placing)



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Pretty much you can name it anything you can repeat in polite company.


A lot of people use a name that has something to do with the area, or the type of hide. Some even go so far as you have to pay attention to everything they've put on the page as it's a clue to finding the cache--including the name.


It would be bad form to name it exactly the same as a cache in the area. You don't want people to get things confused and the original cache owner might get miffed. That said, I have named a replacement cache similar to the original cache.


Otherwise, let your imagination go wild!





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Some people have argued that the name should give some indication as to where the cache is -- a park name for example. Personally, I prefer creative names. My best one has a double meaning and is a subtle hint at the same time (encoded for the benefit of potential seekers of my caches): Uvture Rqhpngvba vf ypbngrq ba n pbyyrtr pnzchf. Vg nyfb unccraf gb or ba gbc bs na rvtug fgbel ohvyqvat.



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The only cache type I would aggree to for naming requirements would be the 'Locationless', and thats just because they're all jumbled into one list by THE name. If they were organized by topic, It wouldn't matter what the owner named them.



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I often use names that describe the area...perhaps a take off on the name of the park, sometimes the actual name of feature where my cache is hidden and other times, it's something I made up that has nothing whatsover to do with the cache or geocaching.


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for my caches and try to come up with some unique names to catch peoples attention! My first cache was named after the park I put it in but the rest of the caches that I have hidden are now just what ever I can come up with! One cache I did was the clue for the code you had to break to solve where the coordinates where! I was always accused of having an over active imagination!


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Catchy titles always catch my eye....


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No, (lance) It will not be Excop1.


I have it all completed, and will place Tomorrow.


Quess You want to know the Name?


Since I have a collection of music from the 50's and 60's, that will be included in cache, I named It: AM-GOLD


Cache has many other items that are of collective nature.


Thanks All for Replys.

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