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What Licence Do You Have

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I have an intermediate. Did the test for my licence about 5 years ago now when it was called a novice licence (and I had the B class). I am now thinking about going for the advanced licence- so lots of work will be needed.


Chloe 2E1IDT

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I'm a General (13 WPM). I'm a second generation Ham (spent all my life going to Hamfests and Field Days) and I'm a "novice" geocacher. As of today I've been on one hunt, using a borrowed GPSr. After we found the Cache I was hooked!! :ph34r: I loved it, I went out and order a Magellan eXplorist 200 on the net and have been patiently waiting on it. It will be delivered on Tuesday (dang holiday weekend :( ).

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I can't believe I haven't posted in here yet.


Extra Class (20 wpm) N9MT


Other calls I have had:


WV9C - Extra

KE9JL - Advanced

N9FNU - Tech & General

KA9TRZ - Novice


First licenced in 1985. I had no intentions of going past Technician :drama: .

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I have full privileges, all bands. In Canada, that means Basic + Advanced + Morse Code.


Although, my morse code is pretty rusty because it's not a mode I've spent much time with. I should get some practice in on that :rolleyes:


I was originally licenced in something like 1992, but I let it lapse around 1997 and just recently reactivated.

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Tech class here !

I studied for the 20 wpm code test a few years ago and actually got a pretty good grasp on it ,for some reason ( i think i just lost interest and got burnt out on it) i just stopped ,not sure how easy it will be to pick back up on it now. The written test part gave me no problem though. I think the code recquirements are different now.

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