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What Licence Do You Have

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WA1NLA Advanced


Spent time all over but latley, SSTV, RTTY on 20 meters.

Used to do a lot of DX, and contest. CW was a pasion, but hearing is going so I'm backing away from it and doing visual with SSTV. Also run all the HF bands, and 2 meters when traveling which is often.


B C N U down the log.


73 George

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Extra Class. 20 WPM version.


1987 KA0ZAQ Novice

1987 KE0PC Advanced

1987 WE0H Extra


1987 General Radio Telephone license

2004 WD2XGI Part-5 Experimental Radio Station license

2004 03 FFL


I believe I was a Novice & Advanced for a month before going for the Extra. Helped being in college at the time so I was in the studying mode every day. Operate 1750 & 2200 meter Part-5 currently with occasional 160 or 75 meters.





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General, licensed 10 years.


Oceanside, CA

Rockne WD9FAT Jan 4, 2006 02:00GMT

I became a novice in about 1979. I had been with the ASA in Germany as an morse intercepter and just wanted to send code occassional to keep up. Never up graded. My old Kenwood 520 quite sending out the last time I tuned up so I guess I have a blowed tube. I can still receive to copy which for me is fun. As my current novice license is good until 2014 and Novice Licenses are no longer given out, I must have one of the oldest and longest active novice living.

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Extra -- Since 1991. Don't really know how I managed that 1-C test, 'cause if you'd have looked at my copy sheet, you would have certainly said 'no way' ... but I suppose the scribbles served to jog my memory JUST enough!


Have really just gotten into the Geocaching, but am having a ball with it!


Feel free to check out my home page (current listing at QRZ is good).




Buck, KC4GCK

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I got my novice in 1974 (at the age of 14). Upgraded over the years to a 20 WPM extra in 1987 or 88.


I have done DX, built antennas, contested and really enjoy field day.


Just really got into CW in the past four years.


Love the hobby...





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Advanced Class since 1975. I got mine the old fashioned way, I earned it!!!!!! When I passed the code, you had to copy it, not just comprehend what was sent. I had to copy 65 characters correctly without missing even one character, if you missed one, the examiner (from the FCC) started over checking for 65 characters correct consectutively. The test included letters, numbers, and punctuation.


Back then there was no question pool to memorize!!!!!! In the last few years (since volunteer examiners came to be), I have even known of people knowing exactly what was on the code test and written test before taking the exams.

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I was exposed to the hobby through my aunt, who was blind. She would talk the freighters down through the locks and all along the Great Lakes. It wasn't until 1991 when I discovered the MARS frequencies. As a flight crewmember in the USAF, deployed to Desert Shield/Desert Storm, I had the privelege of talking to quite a few operators. They were our link back home, "over"! I remember one gentlemen in particluar, AFB1IY, Ray. He seemed to live on the services he was providing. I was inspired to investigate the hobby and the MARS service when I returned stateside. Shortly after getting home, I found a zany group of hams in the J.A.R.S., not far from Raleigh, NC. Studied for the no-code Tech exam, passed and received my ticket. Became active in aeronautical mobile qso's along with digital work on vhf/uhf. Had the pleasure of working both MIR and the Shuttle. Moved back to Michigan and studied code with an old timer I met. Without Red's help I would've had a tougher time of it. Passed the General exam, written and code. We made it fun on 6 meter cw! I just became familiar with geocaching less than 2 months ago. And I'm hooked. Looking forward to all the meet n greet's, hamfest's etc this summer. Also a member of bmha http://www.lafetra.com/bmha/. Well enough of my soap box. 73 de KE4JDW

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