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What Licence Do You Have

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Updating previous post - now I'm a General Class ticket holder, as of 6-14-05.


5wpm code was difficult, only because I didn't have the time to invest in it.


Get the ARRL Introduction to Morse Code. DON'T LEARN IT BY DOTS AND DASHES, learn it as a language. It's simply another way of saying the letters of the alphabet. Get used to it that way and you will not only learn 5wpm, but be in a good position to be able to go faster later on if you wish.


Practice 15 minutes per day. Don't skip days. On the 2 cd set I practiced A-M for a week, then N-Z another week, numbers the following then started practicing QSO's.

I had to go back and re-study all of CD1 because my straight copy wasn't hitting 25 characters.


I knew that I would procrastinate, so I studied for my General Theory (Element 3) and passed it on 8/17/04. The clock started - I had 1 year in order to pass my morse code (Element 1) - or have to retake the General Theory test.


That was all the incentive I needed.


3 total months, a lot of dedication daily, I finally passed - missed a total of 7 characters throughout the whole QSO as sent during the test (200-250 characters total). It can be done. There are people who it comes easy to, but not me. I'm a visual learner, then tactile, then audial.


Now all I need is a radio that will do HF - wish me luck!




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Old fashioned Amateur Extra here!


1959: Novice - WV2FHE


1960-1976: General - WA2FHE; K8VSB & W4HMV


1976-1980: Advanced - W4HMV


1980-present: Amateur Extra - W4HMV


Former Nevada SM


USA-CA All Counties #929


Inactive Geocacher at present but still lurk!

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Another "charity" Extra. I had my tech since April 1996 and upgraded to tech + a year later. I was real happy there for a number of years until the restructuring came about. I took the general test and got my paper upgrade in March 2000. Then a VE started bugging me to help him with test sessions, so I started on my extra and within 3 weeks of study, got my ticket in April 2000.

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Seems I am the old timer here! I became a novice in 1960 I think. and a conditonal within the year. I was One of the first female sidebanders in the pacific northwest (I think I was THE first).I know I was 14 and I discovered boys and that boys were on ham radio and there were hardly any females so I got my ticket! Thanks to my dad pushing me. My 83 year old dad is K7HSM and he is active on 80 meters. I got my conditional and then married and married again (both hams) and moved to Canada where I got my Extra equal. I have kept my license (grandmothered in) can still copy 40-50 wpm but can't send worth beans anymore. I have not had a radio in years and my computer has taken its place as much as anything. I have recently discovered geocaching and I took dad with me a couple weeks ago and we climbed a small mountain together to find one! He loved it!!!


Donna EX K7LPZ; Now VE7AAR & VE7LPZ (one can hold multi calls here in Canada)

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July 1965 - Novice - WN6ODR and Technician Class WB6ODR at the same time.

September 1965 - General - WB6ODR.

Sometime in 1966 - Advanced - WB6ODR

About 1983 - Extra (20wpm) VEC - WB6ODR

Present - WB6ODR - Prescott, AZ


Don't get on the radio much any more except a 2 meter net with local rag chewers. Found Geocaching and Miniature horses. Old age now setting in.



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Extra. I let my license lapse, but the ARRL VEC got it back for me as I was in the grace period. After Katrina and Rita, I see the value in radio - like they say, "when all else fails." Ham operators do great emergency communications work when cell phone networks are down, and even FEMA uses them. In New Orleans, virtually all communications went down.


Read more: The ARRL Website


To say thank, I rejoined the ARRL for two years. I cant wait to get QST magazine again!


tnx de KK5EF

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