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What Licence Do You Have

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Full class A licence (as it is in the UK) , I managed to pass the Morse just before they decided to scrap the test, I passed the 5wpm to take me from G7USW to M5AEM then passed the 12WPM to take me to M0DAG a little later.

I wanted the M0 call for my initials...DAG i figured if i was keeping the call i may as well make it personal <_<.

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Open invitation to anyone who wants to join us for Field Day. United Radio Amateur Club, formed in 1927 has participated in every Field Day. Our site is at the south end of Los Angeles County, in a park near the ocean.

I am the CW (Morse Code) band captain this year. In addtition to HF, we will have a digital, VHF and Satellite stations.


Field Day 2004

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Advanced and it will stay that way till they take it away from me which it looks like they're gonna do.


I keep it because it is unique.

Agreed!! I am proud of having worked my butt off to pass the 13 WPM test and quite enjoy the "prestige" of holding an Advanced class license... Although I won't protest too loudly if they decide to upgrade me to Extra :blink:

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My newest hidden cache has started out kinda bad. Lots of DNFs so I went to check on it and found the weather had already taken it's toll. I felt really bad that many had looked for it and was feeling kinda bummed.


Then last night I finally worked FT5XO on both 30m and 40m, after trying for the past week and a half. That made my day!


OK, so part of my post is caching related and the other half ham related :rolleyes:


KB9BIT, Extra

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UK Advanced.


I'm G0DJA but I used to be G6VMQ back in the early 1980s


If anyone is interested...

The UK has three licence types for Amateur Radio.






New licences are now issued with the following basic prefixes.


Foundation = M3***

Intermediate = 2*0***

Advanced = M0***


The astericks are letters. The three after the prefix are the unique identifiers, the one between the 2 and the 0 in the intermediate licence tells you the area where the person is. I.e., 2E0AAA is in England, if they go to Wales they become 2W0AAA and if they go to Scotland they become 2M0AAA. There are more for the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man, but it is a long list. :laughing:


The identifier is also used in the other two licence classes. So, M3AAA is in England, if they went to Wales they would become MW3AAA and in Scotland MM3AAA. Same long list of other identifiers apply.


There's a list of the UK licences, showing the older systems, and approximately when they were issued, at RSGB Webpage then click on the 'Amateur Radio' drop down and select 'UK Callsign Prefixes'.

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I got my no code Technician licence in 1995 (N1VMI) Althought I only used it for about 1 hour max. A few of my friends all decided to go and get them. Its up for renewal in June, I will renew it. But, I don't think I should use it again until I relearn all the rules etc. I was really into it, but for some reason it never really took off for me. Hopefully it will again one of these days.

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G6ITD is mine here in the UK.

I now have a 'full' licence as we no longer have a CW test.

The radio that I am most active on is whilst working during the day, and is the 70cm repeater GB3LW that is located in central London.

I and a few other licenced stations are on here that are in the same profession as I.

The repeater is known as the 'Black cab frequency' but many other stations join us on here. With many short wave listeners.. listening.

Got my UK Foundation license a couple of months back (M3IYL). Hope to build up to intermediate and advanced over time!


My local repeater is GB3MP (2m) and GB3CR & GB3LI (70cms).


MP is very popular with taxi drivers (not sure whether mimicab or black cab!) too!



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I first got licensed in December 1988 as a Novice.


In May 1989 I upgraded to General Class so I could get more HF access. At the same session, I took the Advanced class and failed it by 9 questions, which wasn't too bad considering I took it "cold."


In August 1990, I passed the Advanced class exam after studying for it for a few months. In spite of purchasing software, tapes, and using CW on the air, I couldn't make it go 20wpm. An illness pretty much sent my studying by the wayside and I never got back to it.


I stuck with the Advanced class until January 2003 when I took the Extra and passed with 45/50 questions. I admit I probably wouldn't have tried it if a friend hadn't told me the 20wpm CW requirement hadn't been dropped.


I guess that makes me a 13wpm Extra. In addtion, I'm also a volunteer examiner with the ARRL VEC.



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