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What Licence Do You Have

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I got my Extra (#16) on March 14, 1952 in the Chicago FCC office. My call at that time was W9ZKU. Since then I have had K0MEE and K7KLV. I have had W7WT since 1970 when they allowed Extra Class with 20 years or so the opportunity to get a two letter call. 73 Dick, W7WT Bremerton, WA

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Had the Advance for a number of years and decided to study for the CW test after doing the theory exam for the heck of it. I took an old NEC laptop with SuperMorse on the road and just let it run random CW characters for hours at a time. This conditioned me to the faster speeds. The next morning after a long trip from eastern MA to home, I passed the 20 WPM.


The bad news is that I rarely have time for the HF bands :ph34r: .

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It is actually recommended that you 'practice' at higher speeds so that you become 'in tune' with the sound of the code. When I tried i used a 20wpm code with extra space between the letters to allow me to 'hear' the code. It seemed to sink in OK. I just never got around to take the test as I never had any desire to use more than the No-Code Tech offered. (although I did pass the General test)


Seventy-Three, November One Lima Yankee Delta


(anyone else discover themselves giving their call in a casual conversation after a long session on the radio?)

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bought the extra book twice now and keep losing interest. first tome was the arrl extra which expired, now i have a gordon west book here on my desk in front of me and im fine untill i get to the circuit componets and practical circuits, everything else im fine with.


this book is good untill 2006 though in case i get that bug again..hehe


Chris - KF6JAX

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First licenced in 1996, Extra Class since 1998. I belong to a very active club, URAC where we do the following annually:

Field Day

Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society International Lighthouse weekend, from USA621, Pt. Fermin Lighthouse

Museum Ships Weekend, from the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, activating the

WWII Tug Angels Gate.

Islands On the Air expedition to Catalina, NA066

ARRL Sweepstakes

DX Contest


Community Service (Hunger walk, Music Fair)


On my own, I have enjoyed competing in VHF contests, playing on the HF contests, and DXing on HF (mostly CW.) I really enjoyed the peak in the sunspot cycle and miss it already.


(I do not give my call because I prefer my anonymity)

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Advanced and it will stay that way till they take it away from me which it looks like they're gonna do.


I keep it because it is unique.


I was one of the very first No-Code Techs (N1KGW) and then upgraded to Advanced (KD1OL - 4 tries) and then got my vanity (W5CPT) while in Texas..






Not every Ham has a hill, and not every hill has a Ham but I got mine!

505 feet above ASL in Western Ky..

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Well I have a old one that I Studied hard for and past all the elements and all 3 code tests in about 11 months. Three of us did this back in 1985-86.


So If you need any encourgement here it is. I passed the 5 wpm and the old not any more novice test in my home town. I passed the 13 wpm Code and the General written test about 90 miles from my home town. I passed the Advanced written element in my home town and I will say this by far was the hardest Writen test I took. Took the 20 wpm Code in a city about 150 miles away and then took the Extra Element and failed it. So with all this done then I went about 200 miles away the next weekend and took the Extra Writen Element again and missed it by one question. Im not giving up only taken it really once , the one after the code I knew I would fail, but the other one I should have not failed. So I loaded up and went out of State again and took it the very next weekend. Yea I passed and aced it but it took me two times and two States to pass it. So I you think it's bad now, think again and the older hams tell me the all had to go to a FCC Office in a certain city to take theirs way back when and they say it was rough. So I guess If it's me I would study and pass the one 5 wpm code test and then only three writen elements left and guess what your are a Extra Class Ham Op. So It's better now than I came up with all the VE Sessions around and I am a VE and help out locally here with Tests.


So get to studying and upgrade those license and you will and can enjoy the Whole Amateur Specturm.


Very 73's

Continouswave WV5V (EXTRA CLASS) And I am proud of mine. I worked hard and long to get it. :lol:

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1961 Novice class

1982 General class

1998 Advanced Class & that's as far as this old worn out brain will let me go! :blink:


Discovered ham radio at 15:


Discovered cars & girls at 16:


Forgot about ham radio & everything else except cars & girls at 17:


Got married at 26 - wife says forget about cars & girls:


Discovered SWL (shortwave listening) at 28:


Re-discovered ham radio at 37:


Discovered geocaching at 58, life is good - Wife says "Get a life!"


73 from W3WCB - Shamokin, PA



Visit my Cyber Scrapbook



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G6ITD is mine here in the UK.

I now have a 'full' licence as we no longer have a CW test.

The radio that I am most active on is whilst working during the day, and is the 70cm repeater GB3LW that is located in central London.

I and a few other licenced stations are on here that are in the same profession as I.

The repeater is known as the 'Black cab frequency' but many other stations join us on here. With many short wave listeners.. listening.

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Upgraded to Extra about fifteen years back.


AB5HY Always Buy Five Hot Yankees

Tilly is KD6KLQ King David's Six Kinky Little Queens


They are both expired; with eMail and Cellphones, we just don't see the need for them anymore. I spent more than 50 years in hamming enjoyment before making that decision, however.


Panamanian Ship's Radio Officer License

FCC 1st Phone

FCC 1nd Telegraph

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