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Secret Handshakes


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See I dont have to worry about this. another geocacher WILL IDENTIFY ME. this is because i typically geocache with my gf (this buys me more geocaching time) and if she was any more obvious id have to stop taking her. she never puts the gps away (no matter how is near by including police) and always just stares at it saying things like "mine puts it over there.


i did once spot 3 girls who looked like the belonged in a mall or something not geocaching. i was just walkin away after rehiding the cache when these 3 girls come up navigating by this device, what threw me was it was pink!. i dont know of any stock pink GPSr. but that cache recieved a log that day from "adventure sluts"


i know there is a thread where a guy painted a GPSr pink for his sister.

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I don't know if the people who are talking about pretending their GPS's are cell phones, or something other then a GPS, but if you are serious its just freakin hallarious. Whats next? Using a shoe phone? Its like playing cops n robbers for adults LOL. So called 'muggles' being the cops and Geocachers being the robbers. Not only is this a great game, but some of the people who play it are entertaining.

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Tonight while we were checking on one of our caches we ran into a guy and his dogs rummaging near the cache. After a while I asked him if he was geocaching. He looked very puzzled and asked what geocaching was. I told him it was treasure hunting. He said he never heard of it and was just clearing a new trail for mountain biking. The trail is cool with us as long as he doesn't cut down the tree my cache is hidden in.

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I guess I live in a really small Geocaching community...

Usually, if we see another vehicle in the vicinity of a cache we're hunting, it means we're not FTF, especially if we recognize the vehicle. But then, we attend a lot of Geocaching events, and if we haven't met the local or semi-local cachers, we've seen photos of them in their logs.


Early on in our caching careers (so many years ago now, it seems), we were hunting a new cache along a seldom used logging road. We'd been searching for about 30 minutes and couldn't seem to get any decent bird-lock. We hear another vehicle approaching, and before it even came into view I knew it was other cachers... in fact cachers from over 100 miles south of that location! They recognized not us, but our kids in their bright red hooded sweatshirts. Seems we only posted pics of them in the logs (we're too ugly). We had fun and teamed up for the FTF. That was our first GC encounter in the wild.


I'll have to try the "lesbian-on-my-chin" maneuver next time, if I don't recognize the other hunters. Of course, this assumes that the other cachers read the forums, right?


As for muggles, I tried a new tack today with a rent-a-cop as I was returning to my vehicle from replacing one of mine. He asked me what I was doing, so I told him I was a member of the local Audobon society (true) and that there had been a reported sighting of a pair of nesting osprey in the area, and I was trying for a sighting and documenting it by taking GPS readings. He thought that was pretty cool. If the cache hadn't turned up missing once before (muggled), I'd have been happy to share the truth with him.

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