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Garmin Legend 4 Sale

trail hound
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Nope....Sorry guys, I've got more then that into it.....Any more offers?

Five bucks, and part of the collection of rocks I've found in Geocaches. They're really cool looking, and represent a huge investment of my time :anitongue: (no really, they do!)


>>> If you have an amount in mind, say what it is and stop asking for offers... otherwise thats all you'll get :laughing: <<<<<

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O.K .Here's the story...I bought a Legend at Cabela's for 199.00....Then I bought two Legends during the 'Camping World' sale for $99.00 plus shipping(as did alot of others on here) I sold one of them to a friend for $120.00(cost plus shipping)and have been holding the other as a back-up...In the mean timeI bought a Magellan Sportak Map on E-bay for $150.00 with some extras(software,case, holder,etc.) Now I've ordered a Legend C from Target(out come unknown)

I only have two hands . Snifer uses the Maggie sport map ,but I still don't need> possibly< four GPSr's.

I would like to get $140.00 for it. If not I'll keep it or sell it to one of my many friends that are getting into Geocacheing.

This is a brand new unit, never opened , still in box!!!!

So.....that's the scoop $ 140.00 Going once.....Going twice............

P.S You can buy one at Walmart for about $170.00 That's the cheapest I've seen them besides Camping World's sale.

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There's at least three for under $140... HERE


One is brand new (ditto still in box) for $123 bucks + $9 shipping - Buy Now.


Don't mean to nitpik th, but if you got it for $99, just seems a tad tacky to toss out feelers w/o even being upfront about how much you want. And then to turn down a sincere offer for $100 + shipping from a fellow geocacher... just seems a bit lame. After all, this forum IS called "Garage Sales" so one wouldn't expect a cacher to be in here reselling stuff for more than they paid for it themselves.

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