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Jonboy Cracks 500 !!!!


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Seems when checking my watchlist that our friend jonboy found #500 yesterday on BrianSnat's The Hiker Series 5 - Cannonball


Now if anyone has seen jonboy's posts here in the forums or on other cache pages, you know he hates micros. I'd imagine he'd be at 600 if he found all those stinkin micros he went after!


But anyway, 500 is an amazing number of finds for anyone and I applaud the accomplishment. In addition to those finds, some of the most amazing views (including the view on my 400th find last weekend) have been those at or around the caches placed by jonboy.


Congratulations and keep on caching!


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I may pretend I don't care about these kind of milestones and hence may be lax in offering congratulations to others, but I have to confess I was very much aware when I was approaching this milestone. I'll even admit to grabbing some easy ones I might have otherwise passed up. I even asked for help from Perfect Tommy on one of his Mystery caches. The last milestone I got excited about was 100, but that seems like ancient history and one thousand seems too remote to contemplate. Perhaps I should try for Brian's mark of putting out 100 caches, but I don't know if I could maintain that many like Brian does. It's been nice meeting my fellow cachers, even if I do tend to hunt alone. I'll admit, I don't like to think of others watching me have a tantrum when I can't find the cache, but Avroairs next cache hunt does sound inviting, so I may join the group next weekend.



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Every chance I get I tell the cachers I'm with about the Hudson Highlands Jaunt and all the excellent trails Jonboy showed me that day.


The joy he took leading Batonka, KBer, and I to those last three caches can't be put into words.


Seems I now measure my favorites accordingly.


Congrats!!! ;)

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