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Just looking at a map today and I realised that Welland has 2 caches (Thanks Flick and Tag Team Niagara :D )

But I was just thinking... we are one of the biggest cities in the region (By size, not Pop.) and we have several large parks... we've got trails galore and alot of potential Geocache-Adventures,

So I'm not posting to complain, I'm just posting in the hopes that someone with the Intent to place a cache remembers Welland when he/she does. :D

I'm considering placing a multi out somewhere in welland, but in spirit of giving this "two horse town"(:D) a few more caches I think I might make it into a series... I don't have the money to make a BIG series so for seconds I'm asking anyone who reads this (Anyone who has thoughts of placing a cache) to contact me (dracul@cogeco.ca / Post here) Maybe we could organize something like Quassy's or Flick's "Look under the cap" caches :D


Any thoughts or comments?


Thnks :D


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I was born in Welland. I can understand why nobody goes there to place caches.




Seriously though, Welland is a bit out of the way for people who want a short drive (it's 20-30min from my father's place in Niagara Falls, and similar from my mother's in St. Catharines... often more depending on traffic and weather) or bike to a cache site, and isn't populated enough to have a critical mass of cachers in town, I think. Essentially, it's too close to be a day trip, too far to be a quick cache-and-grab.

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Thanks for the Input, but to be resonable there arn't too many more cachers in St.Catherines than there are in Welland... but the amount of caches in St.Catherines is easily 10 times that of Welland... The caches here, like Flick's Award of Merrit, are visited often enough and are rather successfull... Also Caches like Jabba's Ugly Mugs that are just outside Welland are visited often, and have caused quite the comotion too ;)

And for the Comment about people not wanting to come here, you must have been born on the East Side... ;) Welland is a great town, and there are many worse towns (I could mention a few Streets in St.Kits that you could lose a car on in Under 60 seconds) LoL


But town conflicts and insults to pride asside, there's no reason Welland shouldn't get it's cache count a little higher...


(Also I must admit that St.Catherines, Thorold, and N-F, have a great deal more caches because of one obvious little hill)


If you didn't catche that I'm talking about the Niagara Escarpment :lol:

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Welland? Sounds enchanting. Where is that exactly?


Oh yeah, I've been there once or twice.


Dennis I've got a great idea for you.....




(Ducking as Flick takes a slap at me)


I will be placing a cache or two in Welland next year, I'm running out of room here LOL.


Seriously, I do have back-burner plans for Welland, but not till after my next series in the Spring. I tried to set up a Web Cam cache at Seaway Mall but the picture is below quality for approval. I agree, it's poor at best.


Now if Seaway Mall would be willing to zoom in a ways then I am gonna do it. (Not worth my effort though, Lugnuts beat me to it... God love him!)


;) The Blue Quasar

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Two things:
  • apparently BQ's don't actually sleep, they just ferment... then foment :)
  • when you're from Burlington... Welland, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Niagara On The Lake, Thorold and a few of those Port thingies, are all one town! :)
  • No offense! :)

foment \foh-MENT\, transitive verb:

To nurse to life or activity; to encourage; to incite; to instigate; -- often in a bad sense.


dadgum! I've been wrong for years. I always thought "foment" was the point of fermentation when the foam flows out of the barrels bung hole and makes one heck of a mess to the basement floor. :lol: Only happens with Niagara grapes you understand.



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:lol: Thanks for the thought BQ, a mural series would be kinda cool, but I don't particularly want to do a mini series right now, maybe in spring... Although that would make for one heck of a huge series (13 caches in all)


:huh: I have come up with another little series (5 in all) that are all caches, no minis, and that are going to be placed throughout Welland BEFORE winter


*Crossing Fingers*


Oh, and I have managed to Resurect "Are you affraid of the dark" so as soon as I can find a place to fit that huge cache I will place it again :lol:

So in the next couple of weeks keep an eye out for :lol: "Are you affraid of the dark II"


And maybe if I can figure out a way of cramming log books into 12 little Micros There could be warning of a multi in Welland soon enough...



Oh, and this is off topic, Someone (I can't remember who) posted on the forum asking about where to buy those vests with all the pockets on them like the photographers use... so as not to have to drag around a Geocaching backpack...


Well if anyone remembers who was posting about that spread the word that Walmart has them in the fishing section as Angler's Vests and they come in all sorts of colours too...

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I think GeoDog and I are heading to Mudlake tomorrow (Monday).


He has 4 caches to do there, and I have 1.


No one has found it as of 7pm Sunday so maybe we can be first finder.


(read that as Nozzletime is sleeping, or at that Kingston Event cache LOL)


Bet he beat us there in the morning. I have to drop off my car first and that means we will lose valuable "FTF" time.


Do a MURAL Cache, why not???? Tourism will fly up (for a week or two) and you never know, I might try to do it myself (The fury of Flick would be worth it's weight in gold)


B) The Blue Quasar

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<_< Just posting to let everyone know that

"Are you affraid of the dark...2" (GCKWWE)

and all the Elements Series;


Earth (GCKX3E)


Water (GCKY19)

And the Final (GCKY6V)


Are all out and working. :) This has been a busy and pricy fortnight for me with Geocaching, in less than 14 days I got all 6 of those done and placed :)


So check'em out :)


Oh and as for B.Q.'s sugestion I'm seriously considering doing a series with the Murals in Welland


I was thinking along the lines of the 12 murals and the 12 grades of school :):P If anyone's got any sugestions let me know




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Twelve grades? When did they change that? What happened to Grade 13? Were we dumber than the kids today? Don't answer that! Where are ya gonna learn about Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll if ya don't get to go to Grade 13? How can we send pimply 17 year olds to University? Good God, we're turning into Americans!


(I have nothing to say about Murals or Welland, other than stating that there is a man living there who will eat you if you steal his cache ideas!)

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Flick do a series on the MURALS??? He HATES the Murals LOL.


All the more reason that you Dennis, should do it.


TT: I dunno if Flick would like it, you comparing him to a Troll.... He is more of a (entry edited for those under 14)


As for 6 caches in 14 days.... kids! I tell ya!


Try 25 caches in 6 days, or better yet 8 caches in 4.5 hours.


That's how ya place a series....


I kid ya, cause I can!


Looking forward to a great series on MURALS... Dennis your first series was fun!


;) The Blue Quasar

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Trying to puzzle it all together...


Mural caches ;)


They'd be really simple, they would be on Public buildings, and alot of them are right out in the open...


Maybe if the series consisted of counting somthing IN the Mural... Like People, Boats, Cars...w/e is in good numbers... add it up to find the Mini that contained the Coordinates for the final :)


And there would be 28 of them in Total....


Hmmmm that seems to complicated...


I need sujestions on that one, how would anyone get those to work...

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I dont know about Welland, its a pretty rough area, when we did the finale for the elements series we came in from Woodlawn. As we crossed the bridge on Woodlawn we looked over the bridge and into the water and saw tweety bird floating face down in the river. Now I know you folks in Welland are tough but offing our favourite cartoon character and making him sleep with the fishes that is out right fiendish :P I think Trail is now emotionally scarred for life. :P


As for the murals, how about having everyone sign them like a giant logbook :lol:


Just kidding,


Hey I lived in Welland for 2 years until the swelling from my concussion subsided and I moved to St. Catharines.....



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Well I know that there are quite a few areas in and around Welland that are still untapped.


There is a big park on the first main road nouth of Thorold rd that looks kinda dense.


After looking on S&T I see it's called Woodlawn park.


And there is Memorial Park, but I've never seen it.


Maybe you can get the Seaway mall to zoom in their web cam..... I can't be bothered LOL.


:lol: The Blue Quasar


I could have lived in Welland, but why would I?

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There is a big park on the first main road nouth of Thorold rd that looks kinda dense.


After looking on S&T I see it's called Woodlawn park.


B) That park is about a second from my front door... I've thought of placing a cache in their but it's such a tiny park...


Maybe I could do a multi down Woodlawn road :lol:


that might work :D



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