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Our Travel Bug Jaffa Man disappeared. He was last logged by a team called M&M's who picked him up back in March 2003 after he had being languishing in a cache in Saudi.

M&M's is a team name for lots of different teams & nobody knew who had picked up Jaffa Man.

We waited and waited for news and heard nothing for months and after emails and a plea on the Saudi forum, fearing the worst logged him into a TB graveyard in Jan 2004. :mad:

Logging on today we had notification that Jaffa Man had been picked up by another cacher after mysteriously appearing in a cache in Victoria Australia. No clues as to who put him there & when. :D

We are ecstatic that he has reappeared after all this time. Is 19 months a record for a reappearance of a travel bug?

There is hope after all. :D


Sarah x

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