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I have been contacted by a geocacher in my area who is quite new to the sport. He has been speaking to a local radio station interviewer socially and she wants to do a story on geocaching.


He is not keen on being questioned "live" and has asked me to take the baton. I am happy to although I have only been in the sport for a year but have found, set and adopted caches, and have a reasonable idea of how the system works.


I am expecting to be asked who laid the first cache, how many there are and in how many countries, how to find them, what is in a cache etc. I will be able to answer all of these questions except the first. I can't find the answer in the FAQ. Can someone tell me?



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The Complete Idiots Guide to Geocaching


Certainly lots of information in that. Though I bet you could get Jeremy to take a telephone/radio interview. or maybe not.


I suppose a lot has to do with the detail and time the interview will allow.


And if you want a different angle on this fun sport/game. Try a simple search on google. Some different views.. different games are being played by others using GPS.


Edit Added.. I checked to see where your located. I did not consider that you were in the UK. Which brings a question.. GPS accuracy in Great Britain/Europe. Reading up on WAAS here in the US the signals are calibrated and adjusted. Has a similar system been added over the pond?

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