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Some of you may find this article published in the fall 2004 issue of 'The American Surveyor' interesting. 'Berntsen: A Marked Difference' is about Berntsen International, Inc., a leading brasscap/benchmark manufacturer, located in Madison Wisconsin. I've seen many questions posted here (some current, some not so current) about the physical brasscaps that are commonly used as benchmarks. (Who makes them?/Where can we get them? and What do they look like below the surface? etc.) Although the article is primarily about the company, it shows and tells a lot about the marks as well.


- Kewaneh

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I was struck by the BLM markers that were brass on iron pipes and the fact that the metals interact and destroy each other.  That may explain some of the older missing marks.

I don't know about that. I have found GLO (nka BLM) markers from 1908 that were in pretty good shape.


Maybe the local soils and environment have an effect on them.

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