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I was just thinking today as I was cruising along in the truck, that there is a severe lack of caches for a truck (highway tractor-trailor unit/semi) to access in order to drop a TB.


I picked up a TB last week along Hwy 1 / Trans Canada with the intention of getting him somewhere further along in his travels. But it has since become quite apparent that this may be a futile task as long as I am driving the semi.

It is very difficult to get a truck into most places.


Unfortunately I am stuck in this truck for the next couple weeks and won't be able to do any regular caching.


I would like to propose or rather ask Canadian cachers - MANITOBANS in particular (myself included) - to think about placing some TB Motels, Depots, Hotels, &c along some of the major highways for everyone INCLUDING trucks to utilise in TB travelling.


We don't need these things popping up all over the place. But, some strategically located ones would be very useful indeed. Not just for truckers. Major East - West and North - South Highways would be the best locations. Major transport routes so to speak that move people long distances.


I live on a major North - South route with a border crossing and am planning a TB B & B around here somewhere to allow US/Canada tranfer of TBs From MB & ND. I may have to hold onto this TB until I place this site, but that could be awhile and I don't want him hanging out here any longer than he needs to. Not that I mind -- but his owner might.


Sorry I had this going through my mind all day today frustrating me a wee bit and had to get it off my chest. Any additional ideas on this would be appreciated.


Thanks, Drive safe,


PJ :anibad:

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This cache can be access from highway 2 North from Calgary to Edmonton. Rig parking OK, but the cache is a rather small container, so the TB would have to be a small one.


If a cache along #2 near the middle would be good, I could look for a decent location around Red Deer here and perhaps place one.


Somewhere on the south end where there are truck stops in both directions.

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If TB Hotels are set up, please insure they are well hidden, I find it bad enough when a cache goes missing, worse when they go missing with Travel Bugs. I went to one and exchanged 3 or 4 TBs, cache went missing with 4 or 5 TBs, 3 of which I placed in the cache and I feel bad about it still. This cache was well hidden. Also, don't include the take one, must leave one rule that has gone about, this ends up stranding TBs in the caches. To me a TB hotel should be along a well travelled route, easy to access but difficult to find by accident. There is more at stake then just the cache when it is placed with a half dozen TBs at all times. I do enjoy rest stop caches, breaks up a long trip.

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To me a TB hotel should be along a well travelled route, easy to access but difficult to find by accident. There is more at stake then just the cache when it is placed with a half dozen TBs at all times. I do enjoy rest stop caches, breaks up a long trip.

Well said C37&H. My sentiments exactly. I should have been a bit more detailed.


This would be the biggest problem in settling on a location for a TB Hotel along a highway route. Rest stops were my first thought on this, though not all are conducive to this type of activity -- truck access AND a good hide spot that won't be accidently found. A challenge in itself.


I guess if people could just keep this in the back of their minds when thinking of placing new caches, it may eventually have some benefit for the TBs. I have actually thought of placing a TB Hotel in my front yard (safe and protected), but this won't solve the truck problem either.


Thanks Dino Hunters for the location, unfortunately, I am on a series of regional runs that take me "to and fro" from the same locations - MB and SK. I may end up replacing the TB from whence I found him in order to guarantee movement. That is, when I get that run again.


I was hoping this would be a lot easier a task than it has turned out to be.


Cheers - PJ :o

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GCJXZQ <-- I don't get that far west. Tis why I have summoned Manitobans in particular :D But thanks for the cache info, it may come in handy enroute next time I vacation in AB.


The TB has come from the West (Regina and farther) so really he needs to go South (USA?) or East (ON, PQ, &c). I'll figure something out.


I have learned a lesson to NOT take a TB unless you know where it needs to go. He was just too cute though.


If worst comes to worst. I'll make a cache that can be easily accessed for N-S/E-W travellers. Or just return him to where I got him next time I'm heading that way.


In the meantime he is packing on the miles riding with me :mad:

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Yes it can be a bit awkward at best. I run a 22 wheeler (truck and triple axle hopper trailer) anything short of a wide shoulder or decent approach with easy exiting more or less counts me out for a stop.


Just a bit off topic:


I was in Armoured Recce (Jeep Troop - go figure!) back in the early 80's when we still had actual Jeeps. Thought about going MSE Op but was talked out of the Svc Bat by my Armoured buddies -- they couldn't stand to see one of their own not wearing a Black beret :D


In the end I took a discharge and went for my Truck licence many years later.

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