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Moga 2005!!

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The St. Louis Area Geocachers Association is pleased to announce the 2005 Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure, MOGA, to be held at Meramec State Park in Sullivan Missouri. The date is set for April 8 - 10, 2005.


You might remember last years event as Midwest Invitational Geocaching Competition, MIGC. We have taken the advice from all the feedback from the participants and have made a more relaxed competition and some technical fun!


There will still be courses setup for competitors but they will be setup as a cache and dash style where you find as many as you can in a certain time limit.


Other activities include Music, Meals, Technical Sessions, Technical Courses, Kids Activities, Bonfire and cracker barrel, and of coarse we will have over 20 caches available in the park.


Camping is available and they have a lodge on the park grounds. Sullivan is just a 5 minute drive from the park and they have hotels as well.


We have a tremendous amount of sponsership this year and look forward to growing the event to an annual one. Last year was a test of the waters and based upon the feedback from the 102 participants, we made the changes necessary to accommodate more people! Including close parking!! :blink:


The cache page is setup

The Event Page




Sure hope to see everyone out there! Last year we had 7 states represented. Minnesota walked away with the team event, while Kansas took the Couples honors. Questions can be answered here or at moga@geostl.com


Have Fun!!

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What do I get for my $15.00 registration fee? ;)


Well let me tell you I think the best thing you’ll get is one of the best fun filled weekends of Geocaching ever! On top of that you will get a really nice lanyard and the right to find the 30 – 40 event caches. The event caches will only be available to registered participants that weekend. We will also have some really nice door prizes that will be given away on Sunday at the award ceremony.


Sure hope to see you there. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


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We (MOGA) have no control over the meals or cost. <_< They are provided by the concessionaire in the park, and we MUST use them for the meals purchased there. However, Sullivan is about 4 miles North of the park and the town has many fast food and nice restaurants available along with hotels that have given MOGA participants special rates. See moga.geostl.com (menu on lower right) for details.


The park motel has also reserved 15 rooms at a special rate of $60 with no limit on the number of occupants per room. Call 1-888-MERAMEC for reservations after Feb. 14, 2005.


Last year was a blast and this year it will be even better. Bass Pro Shops have already donated 2 GPSr's for the event. Sign up and get set for a great time. :lol:




St. Louis Area Geocachers Assn



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I will be there Fri, Sat and Sun. I won't be competing. I'll be documenting!


We've decided this year to get some video footage and release a DVD about how the event was put together and highlights from the event, itself.


This was somewhat of an afterthought. We didn't get started on documenting until a couple of weeks ago. But we have create a couple of short videos you might be interested in seeing. Go to http://moga.geostl.com and look for the section called MULTI-MEDIA INFORMATION.


I'm working on another short video this weekend. It will be something about the courses and activities during the 3 days in April.


We'll have a couple of digital video cameras rolling during the event, along with a bunch of digital cameras. If you have a group coming from far away, send me an email. We can arrange a few minutes to mention your team and to say a few words about the event, for posterity. I can't promise we'll use all the footage, but if noone else volunteers, you stand a great chance of being on our DVD!


Paul Konopacki (aka konopapw)


email me at: moga2005_documentary@geostl.com

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Kid friendly caches?

We will be setting up a cache geared towards the little Geocachers. Some of the event caches that we set up are really easy so the whole family will be able to hunt them. These will also be good for the competitors to find after they spend all day competing. Some of the event caches will take you ½ mile plus off of any trails, but I think the areas those caches are in are worth the extra effort it takes to get to the area.

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Just want to remind everyone that it's 15 days until MOGA blastoff.


It's been raining on and off all week so that means perfect weather for the event on March 8-10. B)


If you're on the fence and still thinking about coming or not, go for it. Last year was a blast, everyone made new friends, and some of the participants were talking about the next event before they even left.


And remember, it's not all about competition. For those that just want to take it easy over Friday-Sunday and find nearly 50 ammo boxes in a 7000 acre park, and another 4-6 permanent caches in nearby Sullivan, this is the PLACE!!!


For those that want to "motel it" in the park, and save that long 4 mile drive to Sullivan when you're tired and worn out, they are offering ALL rooms for a flate rate of $60/night, with no limit on occupants. Shoot, plan this trip right and it might only cost $1 a night per person <_<


vist http://moga.geostl.com for more details.


Rich (RGS)


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MOGA 2005 DVD Videos are now available for purchase on-line at http://moga.geostl.com.


They will also be available for a reduced price at SLAGA events throughout the year (if you happen to be in the St. Louis, Missouri area during those times)


Go to http://moga.geostl.com and see what the videos are about. If you were at the event, you are most likely *IN* the video!


Money collected will go to offset the cost of DVD production and distribution, as well as add funds to the SLAGA bank account.

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