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Mapsource Topo Problem?

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My PC died and I'm trying to load Mapsource Topo (V3.0) onto my laptop and it won't go. Nothing happens when I hit setup. It just sits there. Both my laptop and PC are running XP. The only difference that I know of is that the laptop has service pack 2 on it. Also the PC had been running Windows ME when I installed Mapsource. I had upgraded it to XP later.


Has anybody had a problem with older Mapsource products on XP?


I tried downoading the latest version of Mapsource from the Garmin site, but it won't recognize my Topo discs.


Any suggestions?

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Sounds like it just can't handle the Disks it's on.


You have bad disks or a bad CD Rom. That's where I'd start looking.


This may sound odd, but every now and then the head/laser burning a disk is out of whack. Then the head/laser of the drive readng the disk is out of whack.


Each by itself isn't an issue. The one writes a disk that most readers can read, and the one reads all normal disks. But when the two meet up they can't read each others work.


A soluion is to use someone elses computer to burn a copy of the CD's then use those CD's on your Laptop. Worst case you just confirmed their computer can't read the disks either.

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I had the same issue trying to install NG Topo yesterday. My laptop would read every file on the CD except the setup file. It took several attempts but it finally loaded. I wish I could tell you what I did differently but I don't know. I did plug the laptop into the power source just before I finally got it to load. I had loaded Mapsource Topo before that with no trouble. Sorry I can't be of any help.

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It can read the disk. I can look at files on it.  CD ROM is fine. I installed other software minutes ago from a CD.

When you "look at" the disk through the computer, you're looking at the directory of files - It's just a list of files on the disk. It's an indication that the file exists on the disk, but not necessarily an indication that the file is actually working properly.


So, it could be that one of the files on the CD has been corrupted. If you look at the bottom side of the disk, see if you see any scratches on the surface.


Also, I've seen bad CD ROM drives that can install from one disk, but not install from another. It could be that the drive has a problem reading from a particular area of the disks.


So, the best test is to try to use the disks to install it on another computer. If it installs, it's PROBABLY a bad drive.

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