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City Select V6 Update Disk

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Am I missing something here. I was under the impresssion that if you had City Select V5 and wanted to upgrade you could contact Garmin and they would send you the upgrade disk for free. The disk would then have to be unlocked with the code and depending on when you unlocked V5 you would be required to pay the unlock fee. If Garmin sends the disk for free why are people buying them on E-Bay for $15.00 (plus s&h)? I am just wondering if I missed something somewhere?I ended up getting a new copy of V5 for $70.00 and I should be able to upgrade to V6 for free if I understand correctly the way it works.

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Not sure why - maybe there'a an available Unlock code that comes with the software?


City Select (v4) came when I got my GPS V deluxe. The license allows you to unlock onto 2 units. Good for me since I subsequently purchased a 76CS so I didn't need to pay for another copy of City Select for it.


So if someone has a license for CS and they will only use it with one unit, maybe they are auctioning off their other license. Legal or not, I don't know, but maybe that's what you are seeing.


The disk itself with no unlock - yes, free for the asking. You can't do anything with it though.

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I think you understand correctly. I can give away my update disks and Garmin wouldn't care. The unlock code comes from Garmin, that's when they charge you. The disks without the unlock code are worthless. That someone is selling them on eBay just means they are looking to rip people off.


Because of how the unlock codes work (they are tied to you and your GPS) If you buy old software then go to Garmin for a new code they are going to see that you don't have an unlock code and they will *probably* treat you like you just got an update disk. Now if you buy it witha GPS then at least you should have the unlock code for that GPS and should be good to go.

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