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Bluetooth, Headsets, And Pdas....


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Ok, I was hoping to enter the 21st century and become a wireless geocacher. I was looking to get a phone that would sync with a pda and a wireless earpiece.


Unfortunately, I have Verizon as my cell phone service.


I really don't have a problem with them as their service is usually very good. Except for the fact that I get disconnects in my house but that is another problem entirely.


I looked at hybrid pda/phones but they are too clunky and and I find the screen too small.


So I look at a phone called the Motorola 710 it has lots of cool features but it seems Verizon has crippled the Bluetooth so it won't communicate with your handheld, pda, car (BLUETOOTH CARS??!!) but will only sync with a wireless earpiece.


So, have any of you solved your wireless dilemma? Got any reccomendations so I can roam the country; downloading caches at will and submitting my cache logs from afield?? B)



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I have the 710, and correct, it seems to be a little limited for BT capability. I did get my iPAQ to recongnize it, and attempt to dial out (but I have a different setup, and don't have any web access through the phone, so I think that's a big reason why it wouldn't completely connect). But, unless there's a work-around for the BT, I can't think of anything else. I didn't get it to sync with it for anything else though. (the headsets work great! the Mot BT headset, we maxed the range at a USEABLE 90 feet).

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