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1st Anniversary

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My 1st caching anniversary :P , and a BIG thank you for everyone for setting all these caches.

I’ve been to some really interesting places far and wide, also lovely locations just a few miles from where I live that I never knew were there, and it’s got the grey matter going a few times to! My local knowledge of footpaths, roads and shortcuts is now second to none! It’s given my walking and cycling purpose, rather than scratching my head and thinking “where shall we go for a walk?” I now just have look at the PC and come up with a whole multitude of possibilities.

I have never walked so much in so varied conditions and driven so far in one year……great isn’t it :P .

I think the numbers will start slowing down now as the distance to caches gets further and further away and time, as always, is at a premium.

I enjoy all the caches I find but a few stick in my memory most…..The Little Cemetery Safari for ingenuity, Missing Cacher..just brilliant, The Hunt for Red October series and Trigometry, triangles and treachery which is what started me on this geocaching journey a year ago.


Many thanks



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Also hit one year today. Thanks to all those who have set the caches I have found or failed to find. I can honestly say I have enjoyed them all, especially those that have broken up journeys to some very boring business meetings - I almost look forward to them now.


Special thanks to The Wombles and Gowenhouse for those around Wiltshire, and Stonefisk even if you seem to have gone to sleep!!!


Favourite cache Wildlife Reserve (Wiltshire) - not only a great location but an early morning walking and talking with my 9 year old son in misty sunshine - it doesn't get much better.


Onward to 100 now just to confirm to Mrs Rufty Tufty that the madness won't go away.....

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