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Paintball Is On!


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If all goes well there will be geocaching event at the Spaghetti Western in oak Ridge, NJ Its on Route 23 just North of Clinton Rd. Coordinat6es: N 41° 03.459 W 074° 28.180 I had discussed this previously, and when i went to create the official event I made reference to the paintball too, and its currently being negotiated whether the event cache page can or cant have even the slightest reference to a commercial event. that said, it was clear that the paintball would have to be organized here in the forums, and so.... here we go.


DATE: 11/6/04

TIME: 930 AM till around 430 ish



The place is at the intersection of Marshall Hill Rd & Greenwood Lake Turnpike. The signs for the sporting good store and the U-Haul rental are larger and more prominent then any signs for the paintball, but its at the Y intersection and its hard to miss. Coordinates: N41 08.231 W74 20.502


Costs are as follows:


$15 if you have your own gear

$40 if you rent gear

$15 per 500 paintballs


you can also bring your own from say sports authority, or contact Harrald. Since he plays there a lot he can likely get a discount. I never ever try to guess how much paint a person will use. Some newbies fire at everything, some fire little if they play a defensive position. Some veterans have the finger on autofire and spray the area up, some are patient and only take quality shots. A good estimate though is between 500-1500. Bear this in mind.


Games start at around 930, but I will try to be there by 9ish so I can keep everyone together and get us organized. Games will likely end around 4-430. I'm scheduled the event cache for 500 so its likely I (and the others who play paintball) may arrive earlier then that.


Anyone with questions about paintball in turns of play, what to wear, reduce chances of injury, who we should gang up on (kidding) should direct them to myself or Harrald as we've both played a fair amount. I will say this: getting shot doesn't always hurt, but the best way to combat that is to wear several layers of clothing as opposed to a shirt and a jacket. Multiple layers acts as padding, and also, layers can be removed as needed if its too hot. Anything else, shoot either of us an email.


DISCLAIMER: Paintball is a physical sport and you run the risk of injury like you would in other sport, so sprained ankles, general soreness and tiredness, and welts from getting shot are possible. Neither I, ABC Paintball, or geocaching.com is responsible if you attend and get hurt. That said, injuries are relatively rare.


If this goes well, I hope to run another one in December at Skirmish, in PA, although there are technical issues to that which I hope to work out soon. Also: please feel free to bring family and friends to paintball. The more the merrier! Do note that anyone under 18 needs to have signed parental consent.


Also note: there is no prepayment requirements!


Those attending total 5 including:

Gwho (and wife)


Harrald & Barmin (I assume)


Others who expressed interest include






and the Frantic Cachers said maybe


hope you all can make it, and dont forget yo are invited to bring husbands, wives, kids, parents and friends!

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Isn't going out to eat at a commercial establishment a commercial event?

you know, I had the exact same reaction then i realized that one could come to the event and spend nothing. they're no admission charge as there is with paintball. buying food though certainly is implied, so it is open for debate.


Course that would make the paintball LC seem kinda inapprpriate though, wouldn't it? I know, I know, old rules, grandfathered, etc etc.

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Sweet, I should be in, when is the cache page going up?

uhhh... are you saying sweet to paintball, the official event cache or both? as for the cache page, well...


>thinks about what and how to say it<


the official event page hasnt yet been approved. It took about 4 days to get it rejected (too much tying in to the paintball aspect) and now its been 3 days since I modified it, and I've yet to hear if my watered down references are acceptable or if it can't be mentioned at all (which was implied, or so i thought). Note: no bitching here about approval times. I'm anxious to get it all done but this state shouldn't be considered a raising of any flag of protest. I'm only saying because you asked.

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Since there is no event posting yet I am going to assume that it was either denied or you retracted it.


Are we still planning on playing Paintball? If so then anyone that wants me to bring paint for them should email me. I am getting ready to place an order for my son and myself. I will place the order on the 22nd of Oct. to insure delivery before the event (or outing) If anyone wants a different brand of paint they should let me know.


$10 per 500 paintballs

The average first time/new player will shoot 800-1200 paintballs in a day.


Don't worry if you ask for paint and don't show or you don't use it all. It won't go to waste. I just want to make sure there's enough for everybody.

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Since there is no event posting yet I am going to assume that it was either denied or you retracted it.

I was just about to post about that. I posted the event cache on 10/1 or thereabouts. It took one week for it to be officially denied. I was told the paintball was too tightly tied to the geocaching event. Too commercial, etc etc. Fine. I removed all but one sentance reference to the paintball. I created this thread because it was the only way to discuss the paintball according to the reviewer. Not a problem really.


That was a week ago. reviewer was emailed twice to please re-review it. Haven't heard anything one way or the other. Anybody ever see Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise? Remember when the head of Nascar discusses a Japanese lettuce inspection? Thats how I feel right now. I honestly doubt the geocaching event will go off because if it gets approved, it'll be so close to the date as to make it unfair as theres not enoguh official notice. But I'll run it *if* it gets approved.


not a rant about reviewers or the process, but I must admit I'm not too pleased over the length of time I've been waiting. I think two weeks is plenty patient.


As for pb, I was about to ask if anyone else was in. Havent heard from Hart or bldbabe among others.

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The paint has arrived. It's good but very brittle. That means it will break on target. I used it this past weekend.


I have 2 cases of pink and 2 cases of green. So there will be 6 bags left over if someone else wants some.



Sorry one case of green. So there's only 2 extra bags

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