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How To Create A Geocache From A Vista C

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I've read the manual and searched here on Groundspeak but I haven't found a way to create a geocache waypoint on the Vista C. The manual states that it can be done via a pc (but doesn't go into detail) but I'd like to do it directly from the gps.

Basically, I'd like to be on a hike and type the coordinates of a new geocache into the vista but the only way I can do that is by making a waypoint. I have not found a way to change a waypoint to a geocache, either.

Also, is there a way that I can set up a geocache/waypoint and have the vista "point" me in the right direction instead on showing me a direct "route" to it? It would be nice just to have a arrow to guide by.


Thanks for any help.


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:) A waypoint is a geocache. The only differences in the Vista is the name, and ussually when you mark a waypoint, you get an altitude with it. If you are asking how to manually enter a geocache GC#, then you just need to edit a marked waypoint. Assuming you have the GPSr set to display the appropriate location format, then mark a spot, any spot. Before saying OK or GoTo, use the stick to move the highlight indicator up or down to the location box, then press down on the stick to select. Using the number pad displayed, change the location to the correct readings. and then select OK on the number pad. Then move the highlight indicator to the name box, and follow the same technique to enter the Geocache name or number, whatever you want.. After clicking OK in this box, you can move the highlighter to the bottom and select GoTo, and then cycle through the screens to appropriate screen, either the Map or direction arrow. If you are wanting to have the GPSr guide you to the cache via roads, check your owner's manual for how to use autorouteing. Enjoy
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CompuCash, thanks for the reply.

That's what I have been doing as it's the only way I've found to do it. There is a specific "geocaching" feature in the Vista C that allows you to mark found, and not found, caches. It shows them as an open, or closed, treasure chest. It also does, I believe, sound a proximity alarm when you are close to the cache. Pretty cool I'd say!





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Thanks for the info Team Madog. You hit it perfectly. I was doing that same thing but when I just tried it again, I found that I was scrolling down the list of icons. The cache icons were UP! Once I changed the waypoint default icon to the treasure chest, I was able to get to the found option.

Thanks a lot.



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