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Geocaching Uk Interactive Map


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Is it just me or is the Geocaching UK - Interactive map not available at the moment. ?


I use this to plan trips, and will struggle without it.... I appreciate this is a free service, but I would consider a small annual fee to use it ... any thoughts ?



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I run a web site for another interest and it is dead easy, believe me. If you can use MS Word, or similar WP, then you can write a web page. I'm prepared to help, but would need to find out how to upload pages to the site.. Also, I can't get deeply involved as I have other commitments..


I'd just like to see that front page sorted because a) it doesn't give a good impression to visitors and :) anyone who clicks "email us" gets to send an email to Mark's address, which just isn't on.

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Sorry for the loss of the stats and trigpointing sites again! After the problems we had with lunarpages last time, you'd think I'd have learnt my lesson but, well, they were cheap and I stupidly gave them the benefit of the doubt. After all, there was a 30 day money back guarantee, so it was risk free.


30 days and 2 hours after I signed up, they informed me that G:UK was using too many resources for their server and that I'd have to buy a more expensive package. (Like 5 times more expensive!) They moved me onto a "non-production" server, accidentally deleted half of my tables, accidentally corrupted others and accidentally deleted all my subdomains. When I informed them of what they had done, they didn't bother to check but instead replied suggesting I clear my browser's cache and try again!


Needless to say that when G:UK and T:UK are back up, it will not be on a lunarpages server!


Grrrrrr! :)

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Its not the writing of the pages (My site is 400 plus pages) I am just not sure where everything is hosted. The last thing I want to do is Bring down the G:UK and T:UK sites.


I even moved the pages I do on to my site so I don't have to access the gocacheUK.com server (wherever that is now :))


I am working on it

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Yep nice one Alex.


I wanted to add something to the home page. But was not sure what to put. I might just link to his profile, and the forum page's.


I do know from conversations I had with him that he would have wanted G:UK to continue for as long as possible.

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The last thing I want to do is Bring down the G:UK and T:UK sites.

Not much left to bring down! :P


I've not yet got ownership of the geocacheuk.com domain name, and the site it's hosted on is now in arrears, so that's another potential headache on the horizon. But hopefully within a few weeks the consolidation we started at the start of September should be complete and G:UK should be safe and stable (well, until Sept 2005 when we need to decide whether to pay another $250/yr for the forum server, or migrate them onto the unix server).

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The current forum software only runs on Microsoft servers, and I have no intention of exposing any of the windows servers on my home lan to the internet, thank you! :D


Sometime in the next year, I hope to work out how to transfer all the details out of the current forums onto a nice, unix based system such as phpnuke. There are a few other windoze based bits, such as the poll manager that I'd need to find or write php equivalents for, but there's no urgency for that. The priority right now is getting the site back!

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