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Map Not Working


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It is true. The maps are not working correctly. E.g. go to the cache page of GCJ8HF and then click the link for the gc.com map. It will show Emery Park without any caches (provided you haven't found any of them), although there are 3 caches in the park. If you select Identify and click the center of the map, it will show them.

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Consider yourself lucky. For the past two weeks from my home computer, I have not been able to get any geocacheing.com maps to come up. All I get is the little red "X". Also, from my cache page I get the little red "X" for "View my profile as others see me". I am able to view these pages fine from my office computer. Anybody have any suggestions. My home computer is running Windows Me (and don't get me started about that).


Thanks for any help.



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I think I'm getting a variation on this Map problem.


From the Cache entry for GCKRVG (Players Have More Fun), I click on View Map. There is NOTHING shown at the cross-hairs where the cache is located. All the display options are checked. If I now select Identify on the Map option and click on the map, the Cache appears.


This is definitely NOT something associated with my computer because I am using a public computer at the local college. I'll try this on my own computer when I get home but I don't think the results will be any different.


Does someone understand why the Maps are not always showing caches? :blink:


Thank you

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