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:D For those you who are interested, I have been reworking some of my caches, hopefully all of them in the near future, to be compatible with NaviCache, so that they may be enjoyed by all cachers, no matter which site you prefer to use.


:P Due to some limitations of NaviCache, such as in the graphics department(soon to be rectified I hope), some of my more colorful caches will be reduced in quality of their presentation, until that site has made some much needed improvements.


:D Now you can score twice on each of my caches, building up your points on NaviCache as well, that is, if you're in it for the points rather than fun.


;) If you have already been to one of the listings on GeoCaching.com, you may claim the same find date on GeoCaching.com.


With regards to my personal webpage, as shown on my cache pages, it is temporarily down for the count, until I can find another suitable FREE website for it. If you have any recommendations for such a website, I'd like to hear about them. The FREE part is most important, since I live on a very limited budget, but I also suffer from "Scroogeaphobia", the fear of "paying too much for it".



An equal opportunity cache hunter/hider.

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I tried to find a way to edit the above message today, but was unable to do so. Therefore, the error I made needs to be corrected. In one of the lines there is mention GeoCaching.Com link twice.


The second one should have read: NaviCache.Com and does link properly.


Sorry about the confusion, if any.

Thanks W7WT for pointing out the error!

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