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Would You Put Your Hand In Here?

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I like it. Nice idea but will it not require a hole to be dug?  ;)

I thought it was o.k. to bury part of a cache such as this pipe? Not the whole cache, but the body of it leaving the top above ground.



From the guidelines:

"Caches that are buried. If a shovel, trowel or other “pointy” object is used to dig, whether in order to hide or to find the cache, then it is not appropriate."


The reason for this guideline is because we don't want land managers to think we are digging holes to hide caches. The digging of holes is the issue, period. It doesn't matter if part of the cache is exposed. Now in this case the cache is on private property and the owner gave permission to dig so it will probably be approved, with reluctance. That's because when digging to place caches is invloved it gives the perception to the casual observer that it is a common practice. That's a perception that we should be discouraging because it is usually one of the first percptions land managers have about our sport and often the primary source of their objection to it.

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I agree with brainsnat BUT in this case the land owner is aware of geocaching and actually had a part in providing some of the materials for this cache. Never have been able to get him to go with me but he understands how it works...BUT


my original question is would you put your hand in this? Or would you go further after opening it to investigate if it was a cache or just a sewer drain? if it was hidden under the right circumstances ??

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;) If something is burried, isn't it completely covered?  Technecally, when a cache is covered over by a rock pile it's burried.  That being true, if enough of the pipe is left sticking out of the ground it can't be considered burried.  Just a thought. :P

The issue is digging. If you "bury" a cache under leaves its perfectly fine. You have to go back to the reason for the rule.


That's moot here because the cache owner has permission from the landowner and to answer his question, I really doubt I'd investigate that container. At least not on the first try.

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I'm used to seeing caches tucked into all sorts of weird places... such as in partly-fallen-over trees over a dozen feet off the ground, to mucky swamp-grass three feet high, to rodent-eaten holes in large logs, where you're not sure what else may've made its home there just last month. I've gotten way dirty from digging through piles of logs, sticks, acorns, and swamp grass for the prize.


However, I don't usually find caches truly "buried" in the ground. I always thought that was sort of against the rules of geocaching. Hiders are getting more clever in their choice of container, though. My rule of thumb is, if the potential hide area looks really gross, I first use a stick to ascertain if it really is a potential hiding spot... in my experience, it's usually not, if only because most of the hiders wouldn't want to stick their hands/arms into those areas either.

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I first use a stick to ascertain if it really is a potential hiding spot... in my experience, it's usually not, if only because most of the hiders wouldn't want to stick their hands/arms into those areas either.

well using a stick on this would probably be a dead givaway but the gross effect is what I am looking for here...you open the lid and think "ewww...gross..not here" and the put the lid back

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Sorry for getting this off the original topic....So I'll answer your question...


Would I stick my hand in something like that? I would probably use something to poke inside it but not my hand. Reason- about 3 yrs ago I ended up in the hospital with blood poisoning from bait I was using for fishing. I guess I didn't clean my hands up good enough and caught the bug that way. Now I am leary to put my hands in someplace where some virus and or bacteria might be.



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How about You put your hand where?!


A little different approach, but similar overall concept.


Where's the little girl's arm?



One point I would like to make any time you place a tricky cache. Please be aware of frustrated cachers and the environment. I can't see the pictures so I can't really tell, but the longer someone is hunting a cache the more trampling is likely to occur. That's why I try to choose more durable locations from my trickier hides.

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