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Most Mileage On A Travel Bug?

Dru Morgan

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Check out Carries Ark, she's gone 29991 km sofar... Carrie's Ark


That beats yours, but I have no idea if it's a record :mad:





This is the current record holder. Somebody must have put a cache on the moon. hehe :blink:



Is that a single TB (TB118D) or is it a set of multiple versions with the same tracking number?

"Army of Mystery"?

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My son's travelbug "Percy" went on an awesome adventure, during the GONIL 2008 travel bug race (which ends next week).

The rules of the race made sure that none of our family members put any mileage on this little bug, so he was truly a free-range travelbug! In less than 1 year this little train visited 5 continents, racked up 58844 miles and made it back home into my son's hands!!! :mad:

How cool is that?!



A big thank you to all the cachers who helped Percy accomplish this astounding journey! :mad:

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I've got my own TB that has ~37K and it's all legit. She's 6 years old and Her name is Miss Patty Bouvier (Marge Simpson's Sister).


The other "suspicious" one is of military origin and those guys travel back & forth quite a bit so if they kept handing it off when people were homebound, it could have made those miles.


I had no idea I might be in the top five.....WooHoo!


It happens when you travel alot, she didn't even go to the Artic or Antarctic with me....others have!



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My TB (TB3337V) has 22,631 miles after only 35 caches. Then again, two trips with my GPS from Okinawa to the states helps. If only I had had it with me for the other two trips... My TB is on my key ring except when I travel, then I just clip it to my pack. My son released a TB in April that has 8,676 (TB3336H) since April. His has gone from Okinawa to the Philippines, to Switzerland, to Germany, back to Switzerland, then to France, now in Scotland.

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YOU ALL LOSE! The world record is held by clrtolnd's personal TB that (at the point of recording this reply) has racked up 2 MILLION miles. Yes, he is a pilot, but he still wins.




BUT!! We have competition. If you want to be technical, there is a Grand Champion that has racked up over 350 MILLION miles and is still traveling: The International Space Station TB... Owned by LordBritish.




Well, there you go. FYI: You don't even come close... Even my personal TB has over 100,000 miles and almost quintuples you totals right now... But, good luck in the future for the mileage!!

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I have one that got 0 miles  Green <tracking number removed by moderator> put it out  Sunday, 14 August 2011  


wenuk retreived  it never to be seen again again


Thursday, 11 August 2011  we released  Red  <tracking number removed by moderator>  so far it has traveled  41798.6mi 

both were toy cars 



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