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Natural Disaster And Caches

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I'd like to do a piece for Today's Cacher on how caches may have been affected by the recent string of hurricanes. It appears that Mt. St. Helens may be threatening a few caches in the Pacific NW, as well. Have you had to archive a cache, or keep a watchful eye, because of a hurricane, flood, volcano, earthquake, or tornado? If you have, and would like to contribute to the article, please email me using this link with details of your cache(s) and the actions taken as a result. Thanks!

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We got hit with the remains of three hurricanes in four weeks. A bunch of caches along the Mighty Ohio ended up under water, or taken away by the high water. Both Marietta, Ohio and Wheeling, West Virginia got hammered. Neither city is even close to normal yet. I don't have any caches, but there are alot that I can't hunt for now.

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my one and only t.b. was in limbo for over 2 months...after several gentle prods from me, i finally got it moved to pt. washington...right in the path of ivan...i've gently asked the cache owner if things are still ok,,,haven't heard back yet...and it was such a good t.s. ;)

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Our newest TB left MA & made it's first stop in Vero Beach, FL end of Aug.


Needless to say.....it's probably it last stop too. Cache owner disabled all his caches (about 13 of them I think) and said they would check on them. I'm sure the one our TB was in is gone. It was on an island in the Indian River between mainland FL & the barrier island. :( Poor travel bug!

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I actually posted a similar comment on this topic almost 6 months ago. When thinking about natural disasters, I think of things that are uncommon...forest fires that are uncontrolled (not control burns), tornados, and floods. I tried to get responses, but no one wanted to fess-up to anything happening. But we have a story now here in Lufkin, Texas--we got hit with the floods after Ivan went into the Gulf of Mexico and decided to come ashore here in Texas. In about an hour, Lufkin received 6 to 7 inches of rain from Ivan, and continued to rain long after the downpour. Lufkin is a small city compared to Houston or Dallas, around 33,000 population living in Lufkin, but it is the epicenter of the surrounding towns making it very busy. At 11:00 AM, the rains hit on Friday and pounded us for about three hours. Anyway, some of the area cachers have gone looking for some that are near creeks, under footbridges, etc. and found them missing or they cannot reach them. I am going out some time this Friday or Saturday and checking my 20 that I have placed, most should be okay, but we shall see.


Just a story about a small flood...


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There have been a few caches out here in California that have been worked over by the forest fires we've had here in the last couple of years.

There was at least one thread on some of the Fired Caches some with pictures. I try to find for a Markwell.




Thread One


Thread Two


Thread Three


Thread Four


Thread Five

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