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Feelin' Really Stupid, New Garmin 60c Question


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Just upgraded from an eTrex yellow to a 60C.

I previously used EasyGPS to transfer downloaded pocket querry waypoints to my eTrex.

My new 60C is connected to the PC via a USB connection and EasyGPS does not seem to support USB. How can I get downloaded waypoints to the GPSr? The waypoint manager software from Garmin that came with the unit does not seem to do this.

Man theres cachin' to be done Sunday so I could use some help.


Matt Anderson

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Hey, Matt.


You will need to download the latest version of EasyGPS (http://www.easygps.com). I use EasyGPS to download and upload waypoints to my Garmin 60c.


Once you have the latest version downloaded and installed, go to Preferences, select the MY GPS Receivers tab, select the Add GPS button, and find your Garmin 60C. When it asks for the Port and Speed, select the Use USB checkbox and you should be good to go.


Congratulations on your Garmin 60c purchase. It is an awesome unit and I really love mine. Just wish I could go caching more :)


Good luck!




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