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Nike Gear Testers Wanted


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nike acg department (all conditions gear) has a testing department and they sent you new products to be tested in the outback or very rigourious conditions.the website states they send u free new products to test and use then after the test period send them back to be evaludated by them. not bad for new hiking boots,shoes,etc...


of course we can't keep them.


I thought we geo cachers might fill the void for a while.LOL ,with all the bush wacking we do in the outback to our delight.


here's the link : http://www.nike.com/acg/flash.jsp?ref=http://www.nike.com



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I must be missing something. When I go to the link, it looks like a normal sales page. ???????? Where are the rules etc?

Hey CC,

Here's the link to the main page,


If that does not take you to the test page page,

try on the top tool bar item #4, it's the oval icon.

On the bottom left of the page, look for the hyperlink "apply to be a wear tester".

Another page on the right opens, look at the far right bottom for an amber hyperlink to open.

Then, you'll have to have Adobe Reader, and click on the hyperlinks on the page for more details.

I just left there :blink: . SF1

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