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No Pq Since 9/28

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I've had this problem occur a few times, and it was always because for some reason the system wanted me to go back to the PQ page and re-accpet the EULA. Once I did that, things worked as they should. I could never get an answer for the cause of it... guessing a bug in the system somewhere...

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Today, Oct 1st at GMT 18:17 did www.geocaching.com/pocket look like this for me:




Four daily PQs, and the two made 30th did I receive, but what about the other two daily that I haven't got since 28th?


Something must have happened to the server the 28th, because this is the date everybody is talking about!!

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You might also look into the way that zipped PQs are mailed. I PM'd elias on this but I'll bring it out here as well in case anyone else experiences this.


One of my 9/30 PQs didn't arrive. It showed that it generated, but it never arrived in my inbox. That isn't a big deal, but a different one arrived about an hour later. I was willing to just write it off as part of the problems you are having, but when we checked the server logs, we found that a message was discarded from our server approximately one minute after the PQ engine showed it being generated. The mail logs show the mail was rejected because of base64 encoding problems. This was on 116885.


2004-09-30 10:21:31 1CD1oI-0007G1-9a demime acl condition: quoted-printable encoding contains illegal character

2004-09-30 10:21:31 1CD1oI-0007G1-9a demime acl condition: base64 line length exceeds 76 characters

2004-09-30 10:21:31 1CD1oI-0007G1-9a demime acl condition: base64 line contains illegal character


My email goes through pobox.com and then on to my server. I checked with them and they have the email going through their server at 10:20:58 and they do not decode/encode the contents.

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