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Garmin Service In Canada


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I purchased my Legend in January 2003. In June I had the infamous screen scramble problem and contacted Garmin to see how to go about getting the warranty service.


They directed me to one of two companies both in Quebec. I contacted Naviclub and sent my unit in. After reading about one week service from Garmin US in other threads, I was dismayed when four weeks passed and no unit returned.


I then had to contact Naviclub and after several attempts, phone calls and emails they finally told me that they had to ship it to Garmin US.


I contacted Garmin US and it still took another three weeks to get my unit back.




I just sent my unit back once again for the screen scramble but this time I insisted it go directly to the US. Now, they received the unit on September 27th and I am waiting to see how long it is before I get it back. I will post to this thread again when I get it.


How have you been getting your Garmin's serviced? What experiences have you had?



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First, I'm not trying to start a Naviclub bashing here; it's the only time I've dealt with them and no more.


Second, my first screen scramble was severe, this one not bad but frequent. The old slap into the hand generally cleared it up.


If you having even intermittent problems, contact Garmin ASAP if it's still under warranty. After a few emails, mine is getting fixed for free out of warranty (as far as I know).




P.S. I should mention that I sent it via Canada Post on September 14th and it took 13 days to get to Garmin. Let's hope that it comes back faster than that.

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I had to return my Venture to Naviclub when it was just past the warranty and had nothing but good service from Naviclub. I too had the srceen problem and all they did was wait for my unit to arrive and sent me a fully refurbished factory unit. This was beyond the call of duty as I had delt with them 2 months prior but after a talk and a few tweeks on my part everything was ok for awhile. The unit then went down 1 month past the warranty and Garmin honoured the warranty as it was a ongoing and previous problem with my unit.



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YIKES!!! What "infamous screen scramble problem "??? I have had mine for about 3 months.. no problems so far. Are there early warning signs? When she goes, is she gonna go hard or is it an intermittent type of problem??

Some Legends had a problem with their display. It was caused by a faulty conntector between the circuit board and the LCD coming loose. I believe that the problem was corrected in later production.

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Well, well


Just got my nice new (and probably refurbished) Legend back from Garmin today. Would have got it yesterday but no one was home when the Purolator guy was here.


Garmin received it on September 27th, and I would have had a unit back in my hands in just three days.





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ive had my venture for some time now and despite abusing the crap out of it (unintentionally ofcourse) it works like the day i bought it. by the way, i was at the hamilton airport goin to the timmys and saw a big garmin sign with the words sales and service under it. i havnt checked it out yet. anyone else heard of this?

or is it the place that everyone talks bad about?



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My experience with Garmin US (Olathe, Kansas) was nothing short of superb! I had a problem with the "click stick" on my Legend and my first choice was to get it serviced in Canada. I called Naviclub, and just from the telephone conversation, I knew I needed a different solution. I called Garmin US and they immediately gave me an RMA for a device that was just about a year old with no receipt (it was a gift). I sent it off from a local post office for about $5 and received it back within a week - it was a refurbished unit (the serial # was a bit older than the one I sent in) but had a new housing, plastic in front of the screen, rubber surround and latest version of software. I think the only part re-used was the guts. I did get a bill for duty for about $9 but it was well worth it to get top notch service. It's really a pity that we can't get that kind of service this side of the border...perhaps if there were authorized service centres in ON and BC the situation would be better.

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