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Okay, go ahead and throw a Markwell at me, but...


I would like to be able to do a PQ by who hid the cache. We have a very prolific hider in our area, and there are times that I just want to go find his caches, or be able to look at only his caches. (He should feel honored, eh? <_< ) I want more than what the loc files will give me, and I'd have to combine quite a few multiple PQ's to get all of his caches in one database for GSAK to filter.

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I would like to second this idea of PQ’s defined by who hid the cache.

Also I think it would be great if we could have a keyword option. For example, a series could be PQed such as GHMCMC Stage (number 1 to 14 plus final). This was a series that each stage was put out by a different cacher.

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Simplest approach? DL closest 500, and dump them into GSAK. Click on the "hidden by" column, and scroll down to your favorite hider. I've done the same for ParkerPlus caches in Houston.


Edit: Ok, "Click," don't "Lick" on that column.

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Simplest approach?  DL closest 500, and dump them into GSAK.
I know it is not a PQ but you can go to that person's profile and look at all the caches he hid in a list...

Either one or both of these suggestions would work, but both are time consuming. I was kind of hoping that it would become an option in the PQ parameters, along with "Ignore", and 1000 results...


As per my OP, the area that this fellow's cache hides cover is rather large. I still have over 500 caches I haven't found within that area, so it would take multiple PQ's to get them all. As far as downloading GPX files from the pages themself, I would have to open the ones I haven't found individually... I'm on dial-up, BTW, and the man has hidden 97 caches... B)


Thanks muchly for the suggestions, though. B)

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