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New Tb Design

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I'm bummed. I can't even see it on my computer! Wonder why. I'm a complete newbie on the forums, I would appreciate any help! ;)


Can't see what? A bug you picked up or a bug you've purchased/activated?


Oh, no, I can't see the picture of the new travel bug design. :anitongue:


I can not see the design either - tho i realised this forum was started some time ago.

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We're redoing the travel bug design to add the new Groundspeak logo. We're also changing the manufacturing method to allow us to print alphanumeric codes, making it more difficult to figure out. The tags will be more rectangular but we'll still be using the same aluminum material and printing method.


How is the text? It needs to be straight and to the point.




The front of the tag will have the barcoded travel bug logo as it is now.


Dear Jeremy - I am unable to see the photos on here, the boxes just have a res cross in them.

Is it possible that when producing new Trackable codes from now on you could choose to either use a zero 0 or the letter O, and the number 5 or the letter S, and the number 8 or the letter B etc please?


It is very confusing and sometimes very difficult to tell the difference between them, especially if the codes ar small like on the edge of some geocoins.


Many thanks for your consideration


Heather Bull, Dorst, UK :D

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