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Etrex Legend Doa

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My wife and I just bought her dad an Etrex Legend for his birthday. He gets home, puts in the batteries (correctly), presses the power button and nothing happens. He tries a separate set of batts and still nada. :( Now, I don't think its operator malfunction because he is a very smart man who is fairly well versed in electronics. I am just wondering if he is missing something obvious that's required for the initial power up. Any Etrex experts out there?



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:( I had that problem too, borrowed Junglehair's Legend to see if I liked it better than the basic garmin, found out that you really need to just hold tight to the power button for a few seconds, then it will come on, I also noticed that if you turn it the wrong way or if you bump it, it will turn off, but that may just be with this particular unit...I still think I like this one better...
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