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Any Common Sense Solution Or Products To


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Hello All,

I'm hoping I can get some common sense solutions to keeping the new tablet PCs the hospice I work for just bought from smashing to bits. :):( I'm trying to convince them to spend the money on a turn by turn direction program like Garmin GPS 18 to use with the new units. My idea is it will allow nurses to get to patient's homes more quickly, particuarly when they go to an area they don't usually work in.

My fear is the units will be on the seat next to the driver, they'll stop short, and the unit will go careening off the seat into the dash. If they keep it on the floor, my concern is if anything is left on the seat a similar scenario will occurr in that if the nurse stops short, whatever is on the seat will go sliding off into the unit.

Any ideas? What do others do to protect their laptop? They say necessity is the mother of invention, are there any products out there to help deal with this? :(

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