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Ideas For Inexpensive Etrex Bicycle Mount?


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I used an eTrex on my bike for a little bit. I thought the Garmin mount worked pretty slick. And looks good, too.


Some people, as mentioned, use rubber bands or zip ties, but for $13.99 (on Amazon) you can have the real thing. eBay might get you one for half that.



What Jamie says.

As an added plus, the Garmin mount's interchange with other mounts/models. In other words, if you have the Garmin car mount you can easily swap your GPS from car to bike. Also if you buy a different model down the road, say a 76 series, you just need to buy the 1/2 that fits the GPS, the car and bike mounts will still work.

For $15 or so, how can ya go wrong? Why risk a $100+ GPS to a few rubber bands.


Oh, and an fyi to Beta Test: certain epoxies will disolve certain foam plastics.

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I gave in and bought one for my Garmin from eBay. They're pretty reasonable there if you look long enough. I've destroyed enough headlights to know that a strong mount is a must. Seeing an $18.00 headlight go crashing to the street is one thing...Losing a $300 GPS is another.

I was carrying my GPS in a cell phone case that attached to the bars with velcro straps. It held the signal in the case but you had to pull it out to read it.

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I had the ETrex handle bar mount already for one of my bikes. I wanted to be able to switch the unit to my wifes bike and the kids wanted to put it on theirs also. I ordered a couple of handle bar mounts for the E-Map unit and it worked perfect. The actually handlebar mount is the same and the E-Map mount was just over $5.00, as opposed to $15.00 for the Etrex mount.

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I haven't done any biking lately, but as I 've thought about this for a couple of days, (and I'm an old jury-rigger from way back), buying the intended bracket just can't be that bad a price. The one idea I've had: I have a small nylon zippered carrier which rides in front. The small frame curls around the handle bars, and the bag has a loop on each side to slide onto the frame and keep it in place. It rides at handle bar level. If you sewed a flat plastic piece to the top of the flat bag, then you could band the gps on that.

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