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Geocaching Labels


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I am having some labels printed to mark my geocaches with. As I have got to order loads of them it is my intention to offer to sell labels to other geocachers, either direct or through eBay.


The stickers are outdoor proof (for a couple of years at least!) and will be sold in 5s at £2.50 plus post and packing at cost to UK. Total cost should be under £3 if they are bought outside eBay. They are 50x100mm and are similar to Groundspeak's but without their logo. It has something else instead.







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the forum guidelines state:


Commercial Postings/Solicitations are not allowed. Commercial content as a direct or indirect (either intentional or non-intentional) attempt to solicit customers through a forum post will be edited or deleted. Notwithstanding the above, Groundspeak reserves the right to include limited commercial content in this Forum, in its sole discretion.

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