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Your Opinion Of "uncaches"


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While I understand there is a large population of folks who like to trade, I'd like to get an opinion from those who care to respond.


This query is your opinion of, and would you hunt, an "unCache."*


This is something I would define as a container just large enough to hold a full-sized logbook. Trade items are discouraged or, alternately, prohibited. Container size would probably be in the new small size category. You could think of this in a couple of ways. A non-trading micro on steroids. A hybrid but without the trades or the stamp. A cache "in its simplest form" as mentioned here.


I've been thinking of this for a way and the recent thread about people leaving items too big for the container prompted me to present this. If this caught on it may bring awareness that you don't always need to leave something if you don't take something. (I know it won't cure any problem--nothing will. Though it might help, this is not the primary reason for the idea.)


...but is it in the spirit of the game? Would there be complaints in the forums of "too many unCaches in my area?" People boohooing that they can't trade?


*I just thought of this name as I was writing this. It could be anything, but it seemed to fit at the time for "a cache that wasn't."

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Yeah, it's about the journey, hunt and finding for me, not about shifting trinkets from one set of coordinates to another. I still don't know about prohibiting the trade items. If someone wants to leave something, or help a Travel Bug on its mission, that would be ok with me. Not leaving too big items should be common sense, and that can't probably be enforced by prohibiting all items. Someone's going to leave something at some point anyway.

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Sounds good to me. I rarely trade at a cache anymore, so I don't care much whether the cache holds trade items. Faced with a choice between a small log scroll plus trade items vs. a bigger logbook that I can actually write a message in, I vote for the logbook option. Especially when I'm traveling, I like to mention where I'm from, why I'm there, and how I liked the cache. I also have a rubber stamp that I like to use in real logbooks, and a trademark phrase that only is written in logbooks. On a micro log, I can only write "Leprechauns 9/27/04."


This concept would be well-suited for a sandwich-sized container, which would hold a standard pocket notebook.


Note for owners of micro and mini caches: a larger logbook, safely enclosed in a ziploc, ought to mean less maintenance work as compared to a log scroll.

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I carry a lot of nice trade items that easily fit into most micros: small fossils, foreign coins, hat pins, shark teeth, and diamonds. Well, I wish I could leave a trail of diamonds :)


I'd actually like to see trading ENCOURAGED in micros.


There simply are not enough caches overflowing and bursting with fantastic trade items, despite a few threads that are out there.


I think the best solution to overflowing caches is to become a "McToy Bandit", removing all the excess junky garbage that even a 3 year old would not want and replacing those bulky bits of garbage with some quality trade items.

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Even though there have been a number of responses already, I'll chime in on this topic.


I like the idea of caches with only a log. I would certainly hunt for it/them. I would like to see it mixed in with other caches with trade-items, as geocaching should try to meet everyones' needs and wants.



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The last two caches I've placed have been "uncaches"--2" diameter PVC pipe, 6" long, with only a logbook, pen, and pencil. I see nothing wrong with leaving such caches, especially if, as many have already stated here, the hike/location is worth it. There is room for small trade/signature items in my containers, and I certainly don't they should be prohibited, but having something like this happen would not be good.


I always state exactly how large the container is in the cache description, so if a fellow cacher doesn't dig that type of cache, it's his/her prerogative not to go after it.



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I don't see anything wrong with it. But although I rarely trade, I sometimes do and I always like to look at the items in a cache. I would greatly miss that if many caches became log book only. Also when faced with the choice of visiting a few caches where some are containers with items and others are containers without items, and all other aspects seem equal (pleasentness of location etc.) I will choose the ones with items. With that said, I won't begrudge people for hiding log only caches. It is an individual choice.

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Container size aside, that's about all I've placed in the past year. I don't have an issue with them. They will accumualte trade items anyway, even if it's just a calling card.


I don't think there is enough unique about them to have them be listed as separate from traditional caches. There are other benifits that I can see though, and maybe the RASH will head that direction in the long run.

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I think the best solution to overflowing caches is to become a "McToy Bandit", removing all the excess junky garbage that even a 3 year old would not want and replacing those bulky bits of garbage with some quality trade items.

THE Sollution = :)





I am honored to have the McToy Bandit avatar inspired by my previous post! Hilarious!

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I know many veteran geocachers don't trade and often don't even look at the contents, but we forget that there are many families out there with small children. The kids love looking for "treasure" and its often the primary thing that gets them interested in the sport. Also, a lot of novice geocachers are expecting to find something of interest..

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I guess I am still somewhat of a kid at heart. I will hunt just about anything if I am in the area, but my preference (all other things being equal) is a full size cache with trades.


I like the idea of opening the box to see what is inside. It doesn't even have to be good stuff or anything that I would want. It is the surprise that delights me.


I almost always take any stickers I find, and use them on all outgoing mail, as those of you who have ordered anything from us already know. It makes me happy, and hopefully gives a small spot of cheer to the person who receives it. Even if it is the lady who gets the check for the water bill!


I also enjoy trips to Big Lots and always checking out the sale racks and bins at other stores. Usually, I will buy one for me, and 3 to 10 more for trades.


I try to picture the next person to open the box as an eight year old kid. If there is something I would not want an eight-year-old to see, I take it. If there is nothing new for that eight-year-old, I leave something, whether I traded or not.


The only exceptions are if I forget because the adventure was so crazy, or if the cache doesn't look like it will last. (Not waterproof or poorly hidden.)


And yes, the OP knows all this!



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One more opinion . . .


I like full sized caches with swag. The kids have little interest in log books. Larger caches are harder to hide well and thus tend to be hidden with more creativity, and thus are more fun for me to find.


Frankly, as the community leans tward more log-only caches, it might be reasonable to add a boolean variable in the cache descriptions to tag each cache as log-only, or swag containing.


I see nothing wrong with a larger-than-micro log-only cache. But, I will generally vist it only if it is in a very special location or after I have already hunted all the swag caches in the area.

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I agree with lots of the ideas stated here already. So much so that I wonder why I am even posting here... :)


I think that a larger logbook would be a wonderful change of pace. I enjoy reading the online logs becasue people wax eloquently there--they may also do so in a larger lagbook, which would be pleasureable to look through while recovering from a formidable hike.


On the other hand, I love to open the container to find treasures. True, sometimes what I find is a sad a pathetic collection of worn out discardables from someone's junk drawer, but then again sometimes I open it to find something that makes me laugh out loud with delight. In any case, its the anticipation of what might be there that I enjoy the most.


If the nice logbook is your priority, just let it be there, looming large, dominating the space, which will discourage most folks from adding things just because the container seems empty.

If not having to do maintence to clear out the junk is a factor, why not just add a note for folks to feel free leave sig items and small TBs, but also to feel free to clear out any junk they find in the cache, so room remains for quality trade items?

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And yes, the OP knows all this!


:(  :P  :(  ;)

As I was reading your post, I was imagining that if he didn't know before, he might be in for a surprise debate! :)

Oh, yeah! I know exactly how she feels.


We are constantly at loggerheads about the type of caches to put out, too. She likes the physically harder ones. I like the mentally harder ones. That's the reason we have so few out.

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I myself, as a 40 year old often don't trade, but I love to look what's in a cache, especially if I don't have something I'd like others to have. I'm an addict, so if there's micro or other "uncache" in the area, I have to find that too, but it would be the first to pass over if time didn't permit. As our name implies, we are 3 generations of hunters caching together. Most importantly, my kids LOVE to look in the boxes and shlep stuff from one box to the next. They are not yet too keen on the hunt itself. They are getting there though. It also is the trade-off to them going to lots of places they might otherwise get bored of. I can't go geocaching without taking my kids, and the stuff keeps them more into it than me!

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Interesting read.


I will add my .76 of a cent just because I can :(


I have been thinking of this same thing the last couple of weeks. Pocket sized notebook, pencil, & sharpener in a sandwich type container as a stand alone cache. I see no troubles with this at all and would consider it more or less a "micro" -- on steroids perhaps!


The reason for this train of thought is the location I have chosen is not the type of place that a large container would not be condusive to the environment of the place. The area itself is too nice, too remote, and somewhat confined to place a larger container with all kinds of trade goods. It just doesent suit the location -- yet a micro is too small for this site -- IMO.


The idea of a larger logbook for folks to find and log, and sit and read after the hike to this scenic location; would be much more sensible.


In my long-winded sort of way, I see no problem with a cache of this type. Though I don't know if it needs a specific name aside from the fact it is a overgrown micro.




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I'd actually like to see trading ENCOURAGED in micros.

I only have one micro.

In it there is a real log book (I made one, but still, it's big enough to leave messages).. When I started it, it had two charms, a dollar, stickers, bazooka joe comics, a pencil to sign the log with.... it's also had coins put in it and a signature item from a cacher.



I must say, your 'uncache' idea sounds appealing to adults that don't trade. Kids would be so mad to find a container large enough for some sort of item empty, and chances are that if you had one out there someone would come around and leave items in it.

Now, if you stocked it with signature items and did a signature item only cache, it'd probably go over really well.

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I set a cache out earlier this year, that might fall into this category. Just a logbook and pencil, but to get credit for the cache, the cacher must write something specific in the logbook. It's something different in the way of caching, and the cachers seem to enjoy it. (And I enjoy reading the logs!)

(GCJ7TC, Ode on a Geocache.)

- hamgran

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