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im retired and spend lot of time in the mountains geocaching.The family is afraid i may not show up for dinner one night,and i can just see them calling out the militia.Is there a tracking device i can wear,so if needed,they can find me.Cell phones do not work,i tried it.

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DogMa's father spends a lot of time alone at a lake in northern Wisconsin where he owns a lot of wooded acreage. Cell phones are poor reception indeed. He recently got a GPS for mapping out some of his area. But he was concerned with safety being well into his 70s and all alone up there.


A friend of his set him up with what he calls his "dog collar" to track him. It is a type of device used to fasten to bears and other wild animals to track them. When he is up there in the woods he carries it with him at all times. A friend up there who helps to keep an eye out for him knows to use the proper equipment to locate him should he not check in at the proper intervals.


Hopefully it will never need to be used, but it gives us a lot more piece of mind way down here to know if something happens, maybe he stands a better chance of getting help in time.


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Big Bill should fear nothing but fear itself. Check out Garmins' Rino 120s. If you get up on a hill you should be able to shoot your coords out to at least 20 to 30 miles. Don't Believe me? I regularly talk on my FRS radio out to 18 miles braking squelch. I talked to a guy 22miles away. On 1/2 a watt. Height is the key. Rinos should hit the market sometime in July with a little luck>>>


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Originally posted by Night Tracker:

I regularly talk on my FRS radio out to 18 miles braking squelch. I talked to a guy 22miles away. On 1/2 a watt. Height is the key.

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Color me impressed! were you over water? what kind of FRS are ya using??


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The Rino 110 is the same price as the Venture and the 120 matches the Legend in price, Rinos also use a quad helix ant. My frs radios are the 10-22

Bellsouth and i'm on a 800' hill my buddy up 400'.

Line of sight is a must for this to happen. Back to the Rinos, I preordered mine from TV NAV.com,, got them for 215.00 each..PS,If you get the 120 you'll need a 75.00 fcc lic. to operate on gmrs..


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Also carry a whistle. I have a high pitched and loud key chain whistle I bought at REI for $4. If you break your leg, you don't want to sit around for eight hours waiting for someone to realize you're missing. I do alot of solo mountain biking and geocaching, and it makes me feel more secure having it.

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Half the time in the canyons around here it sure seems they (CAP) can't even find an elt.


Usually, if you need help, you're hurt and CAN'T haul yourself up a hill.


Maybe a downed pilot radio, flares (pop up,) red smoke...


I think that this site will be a real benefit to geocachers: http://www.equipped.org


Minimum - signal mirror and, as mentioned above, whistle.


A "Real" answer a LOT of folks are now using seems a PERFECT match for geocachers - satellite phones. I've heard that they'll work "anywhere."


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Ok, I am pretty much a Maggie fan but after seeing the page about those Rinos I may convert. As a father I can see tremendous value in being able to keep track of where my "contacts" are. This might be an investment I have to make, just think about camping trips, amusement parks, etc. Thanks for the headsup about the product. I hope they get the FCC approval soon.

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Made for boats, when it is activated, the signal is picked up by satellite, and one can be tracked by the Coast Guard. Granted, the Coast Gaurd doesn't hang around the woods, but maybe there is a similer item that is made for hikers or downed pilots?

If you activated it though, it would not alert your family, just the proper authorities. I suppose it would be a good thing to have in a life and death situation though. I am sure somewhere there is such an item available for a more "Casual use".


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APRS has already been mentioned - but I'll second that opinion! You've got the GPS, go get your Tech Class HAM license (no Morse Code required) and hook your GPSr to your Kenwood TH7D-A(G) handheld radio. You'll be broadcasting your location world-wide whenever the GPSr is on and hooked up to the radio AND an APRS digipeater can pick you up (there are alot of digipeaters currently in operation - most on mountain-tops).


All the family will need to track you is an Internet connection.

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