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Argh! Gpsr Download Help!

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Ok, I feel like a COMPLETE dork...but the night I finally figured out how to get the PQs into my GPSr was the same night I spent 6 hours downloading, installing, removing and beginning again with various software to go paperless (with help from my Palm).


ANYHOW...after going through various gyrations, I have the latest GSAK (Sept. 2004 build) and its Babel counterpart, Cachemate and GPX spinner on my PC.


When I'm using GSAK, I try to "send to GPS" using the handy-dandy tools provided. I'm set up for USB connection (and connected). GPSr is on, PC is on, GSAK is running...GSAK says it's sending, then "OK" but there's no change on the GPSr (Garmin Etrex Legend).


So...what could i be doing wrong? HOW did I do this before? :lol: SHEESH! PLEASE help. :huh:

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If you are using a Legend "C", then you are doing it right.


HOWEVER, a plain old black and white (clear blue case) Legend uses a SERIAL or COM PORT. Huge distinction. If you have the non-color Legend (as I do) try to find an empty serial port on the PC and use that... Preferably COM port 1 (PC's have 4, usually 2 physical). Some other hardware might be using COM 1 already - try 2 through 4, etc. if COM 1 does not work.


Let us know which model you have, maybe we can help more.

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Very few GPSrs use USB, and those can be problematic with anything other than the manufacturer's software. Most use serial only. As NEn said, if you have a regular Legend, you cannot use USB - you send through the serial port only.

AHA! Turns out you CAN use USB with Garmin Etrex Legend. I simply purchased a USB-serial adapter. Plug in the Legend's serial line to the USB line. Plug the USB into the computer. Have at it!


Thanks for your help.

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