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Etrex Vista C


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I also have an eTrex Vista C and I love it too!


On the Recent Finds screen, if you open the options window and select Remove All, does this delete the entries from the unit or just remove them from this screen?


Doing this will ONLY remove the items from the recent finds list. It WILL NOT delete the items from the unit itself. For example, if you created a waypoint named "HOME" and then routed to it. The "HOME" waypoint would be added to your recent finds list. However, when you remove all of the items from the recent finds list, the "HOME" waypoint is deleted from that list, but the waypoint itself is NOT deleted from the GPSr (i.e. it will still appear in your waypoints list).


I hope this helps some and have fun using your Vista C!


BTW, do you know anyone who needs a Legend C (it's the exact same unit as the Vista C only it doesn't have the electronic compass or barometer)? If so, I have a brand new one up for sale in the "GPS Garage Sale" section on this forum.

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I just bought the Vista C too and certainly agree that the manual is awful. It will sometimes introduce a feature without even describing what the feature is. Their website isn't much better. I searched all over their website and manual to try and find a way to determine the version of the firmware. Never did find it, just downloanded the newest firmware and installed it. I was trying to figure out what the buttons were and noticed that the illustration of the buttons differed from the instruction manual as compared to the getting started card.


Previously owned a GPSII+ and like the unit a lot. Unfortunately, the manual for that unit also was pretty sparce.

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